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Large Size Shoe Shops for Women

I’ve worn a size 11 or 12 shoe since I was in 6th grade so finding fabulous women’s shoes in a larger size has always been quite the undertaking.  Selection and availability have definitely improved over the years with more and more large size shoe shops for women popping up all the time.  To see all of my shoe reviews, click here.

Here are some large size shoes shops for women where you can find your dream pair of generously sized shoes:

North America

Rothy’s – Rothy’s is a US-based online shoe brand that goes up to a size 13! The shoes are made from recycled plastic water bottles and are SO comfy. I ordered both the ballet flat and the pointed toe flat and ended up keeping the pointed two pair. Check out my review here!

Poppy Barley –  Another custom shoe company catering to North America with sizes ranging from 5-12! They offer amazing custom made boots and flats and are based in Canada with shipping throughout North America. If you’re near Edmonton, you can make an appointment to design your shoes in person!

TréSolz – Based in Canada and offers fashionable heels, booties and sandals in sizes 10-15. Ships globally! Follow along on Instagram for updates.

Etta Grove Footwear – Based in the US, this brand is owned by a mother and 2 daughters and offers beautiful, unique shoes up to size US14, including half sizes!

Tall Size – A one-stop-shop collective of various large size shoes brands (and tall brands) with shoe sizes up to US16. Currently shipping to the U.S. and Canada. Also be sure to check out the Tall Size Pre-Loved shop where you can buy and sell gently used large size shoes.

Vaila – Based in the US, this brand offers a full range of shoes up to a size US14. The brand is available in the Macy’s online shop and at select Macy’s stores in NYC, Atlanta and the DC area.

Lonia – Based in New York and carrying up to a size US15, Lonia offers a full line of colorful trendy shoes and boots. Ships globally.

Not Your Average Size – Based in Chicago and carrying a full range of shoes up to size US14. Ships globally.

Lidia Talavera – Wide range of made-to-order customizable shoes (particularly high heels but some flats too); This brand brand is gender inclusive and offers its shoes up to size US14 for women and up to size US16 for men. The high quality shoes are made in a family owned footwear factory in Mexico that has been making shoes for 3 generations.

Dolce Vita – US-based and offering a full range of on-trend styles up to size US15! If you want to shop in person, there are stores in DC, NYC and LA.

Naturalizer – US-based and offering a full range of comfortable shoes and boots up to size US13. Ships internationally

Smash Shoes – US-based and offering colorful, trendy and fun shoes up to size US13; Ships internationally

Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack – Back in the olden days, Nordstrom started out as a shoe store so it’s no wonder they’ve realized that there’s a market for extended size shoes (unlike many other department stores who only carry up to a size 10).  On the website (and sometimes in the stores), they go up to size US14.  I’ve definitely seen size 13 and 14 shoes sitting out at the Nordstrom Rack stores. Sign up for the email list to find out about special “extended shoe size” events.

Zappos – The site lists women’s shoes up to a size 20 but when I had a gander at the shoes in sizes 17-20, they all looked unisex to me (Converse, various athletic shoes etc.).  It looks like their selection of women’s shoes goes up to size 16.  Zappos offers FREE shipping (although items may take 4-5 days to arrive so Zappos isn’t quite as speedy) and FREE returns.

Marmi – Marmi’s selection is mostly for the more “mature” leggy lady but I do see something that strikes my fancy every now and again. The go up to size US13 and have several locations throughout the US.



Otto+Ivy – Laura from the long-running blog All the Tall Things launched a GORGEOUS line of responsibly-made shoes in early 2020. The company is based in the UK, ships internationally and offers shoes up to size EU46 (UK12/US14). Click here for my review of the Tilly boots!

Low Heels – UK-based shop offering a full range of beautiful made-to-order shoes up to size UK12. The owner is 6’0 tall and knows the struggle of finding well-fitting large shoes all too well! Ships globally.

CoIX Shoes – UK-based shop owned by 2 tall friends who are 6’2 and 6’0. Describing the brand as “modern, chic and effortless”, CoIX offers a small collection of boots, heels in sizes UK 9 – 11 | US 11 – 13 | EU 44 – 46. Ships internationally.

Sante + Wade – Designed in the UK (and handmade in Portugal), this brand offers a range of shoes with unique and beautiful details up to size UK11/US13/EU46. Ships worldwide!

Gowa – Based in London, Gowa aims to be a one stop shop for large size shoes. It currently offers shoes from 4 different large size shoe brands up to size EU46 and ships internationally.

SAE London – UK-based and currently offering slippers up to sizes UK13/US15/EU47 and will launch a collection of heels soon. Ships globally.

Magnus Shoes – UK-based brand with 2 stores in London and offering a full range of shoes up to sizes EU 46/UK12. Ships worldwide.

Crispins Shoes – UK-based with a store in London, Crispins has been in business since 1978 and offers high quality shoes that are made in Italy, Spain, France and the U.S. in sizes 7.5-12 UK (41.5-46 European; 10.5-15 US).

Mokkah – Designed in the UK and manufactured in Portugal, this brand will launch in March 2021 and carry sizes UK8-12. Worldwide shipping available!

Bolnique London – UK-based and offering a unique collection of shoes in sizes EU38-46 which are handcrafted by Italian artisans.

Long Tall Sally – LTS is based in the UK and ships globally. It carries shoes up to UK13/EU47/US15.

ASOS – UK-based and shipping worldwide; Carries up to UK13/EU47/US15

Large Size Shoe Shops for Women in Europe

Zivaano – Based in the Netherlands and shipping worldwide, this brand offers a beautiful collection of shoes up to size EU46/UK12. The shoes are designed by the owner and handmade in a small factory in Europe. Check out my review of the sneakers I purchased here.

Apavi 40+ – Based in Latvia, this shop offers a wide range of fashionable large size shoes for women up to size EU47  (and shoes for men too). Ships worldwide! You can either shop online or at the store in Riga. I bought a pair of sneakers and love them.

Lurah – Based in Italy, this brand makes beautiful shoes in sizes EU41-45. Lurah prides itself on its craftsmanship and carefully oversees all aspects of its made-in-Italy shoes from sketch to sampling to final production.

Horsch – Horsch has a few locations throughout Germany as well as an online shop. It carries up to size EU46/UK12. I bought a few pairs of shoes from this shop when I lived in Germany.

Miyana Berlin – Based in Berlin Germany and offering shoes that are handmade in Italy with sizes up to EU45.

Cinderella Shoes – Based in Ireland with sizing up to UK12/EU46, you can shop this brand both online and in store. Ships internationally.

House of Tall – Based in the Netherlands and with a stores in Apeldoorn, this brand offers shoes in sizes up to EU45. Check out my visit to the Apeldoorn store here (back when it was called Pretty Tall).

Speci – Based in Finland with a store in Tampere, this brand offers up to size EU46. Ships to Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Australia/New Zealand

Big On Shoes – Based in Australia and offering both an online shop as well as two stores, this brand offers a variety of shoes up to size AU16/US14/EU47. They have their own private line of shoes called Jacob+Therese and also carry many other brands. International shipping available!

Bohobo – Based in Australia, this brand is owned by Francesca who knows the struggles of finding large size shoes. Bohobo offers a nice collection of high quality sandals, boots, heels and more and also free shipping in Australia! Sizes go up to AU/US14

Rosenbergs – Based in Australia, this family-owned company has been in business since 1903! You can shop online or at its store in Melbourne. They carry up to size US13/EU45/UK11.

The Shoe Garden – Based in Australia, you can either shop online or visit the store in Brisbane. Offers up to size AU14/UK12/EU46 and ships globally.

Willow Shoes – Based in New Zealand and with 4 locations to shop in person, this brand carries a wide range of beautiful shoes. It has been in business for over 20 years!

This post was all about large size shoe shops for women!

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  • Reply Laura October 6, 2015 at 6:38 pm

    Hi! Love your blog, although I haven’t read all of it yet 😉 Have you found tall boots that have tall shafts? My feet are not large but my calves/shins are quite long, so all the standard tall boots are too short – the ‘calf bump’ hits well below my actual calf. Any wonderful tall boot finds out there?

    • Reply Tall Fashion Adventures October 7, 2015 at 2:52 pm

      Hi Laura! Thanks for stopping by and so glad to hear you like the blog. What size shoe do you wear? One tip I can offer you (and you probably already know this) is to look at the shaft height on some of the boots on tall retailer sites like Long Tall Sally. This will give you an idea of the shaft height you’re looking for and then you can compare this with the measurements on boots from “non-tall” retailers. I know that my 6’2 blogger friend Karen at found a stunning pair of over-the-knee boots from Sam Edelman. She featured them on her blog recently. If I think of any more places you might be able to look, I will let you know.

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