Where to Find Tall Women’s Clothing Made in USA

If you’ve ever wondered what brands offer tall women’s clothing made in USA, you’ve come to the right place! As a tall lady myself (6’2 to be exact), I’ve searched high and low and found 9 tall brands that manufacture their clothing in the U.S. As you will see, I have personally purchased from many of these brands and can definitely vouch for their quality and customer service!

If you’re in a rush, here is the short list of brands offering tall women’s clothing that is made in the USA, but be sure to read below for full details on each brand:

  • Liv Tall
  • TJL Collection
  • Lola Long
  • The Sixes
  • Tall Size (some items)
  • Tall Mama
  • Tall Heiress
  • Dimiloc
  • Model Atelier

This post is all about where to find tall women’s clothing made in the USA.

Tall Women’s Clothing Made in USA Online

Why is it Important to Have Tall Women’s Clothing Made in USA?

There are a few reasons why it is important to have tall clothing that is made in the USA. First, manufacturing in the U.S., if done responsibly, means the garment workers are being paid fair wages and have good working conditions. Of course, there are still shady clothing factories in the U.S. so buying American made items does not always guarantee that the clothing was made ethically. But to my knowledge, the tall brands on this list all take the ethics of their manufacturing seriously.

Second, tall clothing made in the U.S. is generally higher quality and will last longer. This makes it worth the investment on the customer’s end. It is already hard enough for tall women to find tall clothing that fits so finding well fitting tall clothing that also stands the test of time is a huge bonus.

And lastly, under the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), tall women in Canada and Mexico should be able to buy tall women’s clothing that is made in the U.S. without paying import taxes. From what I’ve heard from fellow tall ladies in Canada, there are not very many options for tall clothing so the rise of brands that are making tall clothing in the U.S. should hopefully be beneficial!

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The Best Brands Offering Tall Women’s Clothing Made in the USA

1. Liv Tall

Tall womens clothing online

Liv Tall is on a short list of tall brands that excites me most! Not only is it owned by a fabulous fellow tall lady, 6’1 Angela, but it also focuses on high quality, ethically made items that are produced in Arizona. I love that Angela isn’t afraid to use bold prints and styles in the Liv Tall line, while also providing knock-out basics such as the v-neck tees, bodysuits, blazers and sweat suit sets. Click here to read a review of my Liv Tall items. And first time customers can get 20% off with code TFA20.

Sizing: Small to XXL

Shipping: Worldwide

2. TJL Collection

Tall Women’s Clothing Made in USA Online

Based in Dallas, TJL Collection is a fashion forward brand offering high quality tall jumpsuits, bodysuits, matching sets, blazers, dress pants, dresses and more that are all made in the U.S. I just purchased the pictured jumpsuit and am in love with it! The owner, Tiffany Jones Lewis, loves to create clothing with bold prints and colors, and TJL’s inseam game is strong with some pants having an inseam up to 41″! If you’re looking specifically for plus size tall women’s clothing that is made in the USA, TJL offers a broad range of sizes.

Sizing: XS to 3XL; Inseams up to 41″

Shipping: Worldwide

3. Lola Long Collection

Tall Women’s Clothing Made in USA

It doesn’t get much better than buttery soft tall PJs in a variety of styles made from a sustainable bamboo fabric. Lola Long, which manufactures in California, offers tall PJ tops and bottoms in 3 different colors (navy, pink and grey). You can either create a matching set or mix and match. Click here to check out a review of my Lola Long items.

Sizing: Small to XXL; Inseams up to 36″

Shipping: Worldwide

4. The Sixes

Looking for beautifully constructed pants in a variety of styles, colors and prints? Look no further than The Sixes, a fashion forward tall brand based in NYC, which is also where the clothing is made. One of the things that sets this brand apart is the eye-catching details on some of its pants, from contrast piping to fringe to sheer side panels. You definitely won’t find anything boring with this collection! In addition to pants, The Sixes also offers a beautiful tailored blazer and customized inseams if you need extra length.

Sizing: 2-14

Shipping: The Americas, Canada and Europe

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5. Tall Size

Best Tall Women’s Clothing Made in USA

Tall Size is a one stop shopping platform for a bunch of different tall clothing and shoe brands, including many that are made in the U.S. The nice thing about the Tall Size website is that you can filter by size, inseam, style preference, occasion and more! The v-neck tee I’m wearing is from Liv Tall, one of the many made-in-the-US brands featured on Tall Size.

Sizing: Very wide range! Varies by brand

Shipping: US and Canada

6. Tall Mama

Finding tall clothing that fits is hard at any phase of life but finding tall maternitywear is next level hard (if not borderline impossible)! Luckily, Tall Mama, as its name suggests, offers tall maternity leggings (with pockets!) and tees that are made in the U.S. The items are made out of a super soft fabric that is constructed from recylced water bottles. 6’0 Magan, the owner of the brand, who knows the struggles tall ladies face first hand and has created some beautiful basics for those with a bun in the oven.

Sizing: Small to XL

Shipping: US and Canada

7. Tall Heiress

Tall Women’s Designer Clothing

If you’re in the market for high quality jeans with a luxurious look and feel, Tall Heiress is the place to go! Currently offering 3 styles of jeans each in a different color, Tall Heiress denim is designed to sculpt and flatter a tall women’s body. And if you’re in need of a really generous inseam, each pair of jeans comes in a 40″ length!

Sizing: 6-14; 40″ inseam

Shipping: U.S.

8. Dimiloc

Trendy Tall Women’s Clothing Made in USA

Dimiloc has been on the tall fashion scene for years and, with a focus on simplicity, versatility and comfort, you can’t go wrong with any of its styles. The owner of the brand consistently designs and handcrafts elegant and eye-catching dresses, skirts, tops and more. If you’re looking for a good selection of unique maxi dresses that will graze the floor, your search is over!

Sizing: XS to 2XL; Skirts and dresses in 3 different lengths

Shipping: International

9. Model Atelier

Tall Women’s Clothing Made in USA

Chicago-based Model Atelier offers beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces that are handmade to order by highly skilled seamstresses at the brand’s in-house production facility. If you’re looking for show-stopping maxi skirts and unique tops, this is the brand for you.

Sizing: Small to XXL

Shipping: USA

This post was all about tall women’s clothing made in USA.

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