My Honest American Tall Review After 3 Years of Wear – Tall Joggers, Athletic Pants and Leggings

If you’re tall, chances are you’ve heard of American Tall clothing. I made my first purchase from this tall brand 3 years ago and am finally getting around to writing my American Tall review.

American Tall Pants

This post is all about my American Tall review of 3 pairs of pants

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About American Tall

American Tall certainly has a lot to offer from varying inseam lengths, extended sizes and an ever growing variety of tall items that run the gamut from basics to more obscure items like sports bras, scrubs and base layers.

American Tall was founded in 2015 by a father and son team. It is headquartered in Toronto making it one of very few independent Canadian tall brands. One of the best things about this brand is its wide range of sizing. Women can choose from two lengths – “tall” for ladies who are 5’9-6’1 and “extra tall” for ladies who are 6’2 and up and the sizes range from small to 2XL. Another important thing to note is that the brand offers worldwide shipping.

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American Tall Review – All About the Pants

If you’re looking for all manner of pants to flatter your long frame, American Tall is sure to please. The brand’s line of pants ranges from joggers, to leggings, to jeans, to athletic pants to dress pants to PJs. I have 7 pairs of American Tall pants (3 lounge joggers, 2 athletic pants and 2 leggings) and wear all of them A LOT. I figured it was high time I write an American Tall review about these pants since I’ve had some of them for 3 years already! If you’re curious about the fit, quality and overall vibes of American Tall pants, keep reading to find out all of the details!

Tall Cozy Lounge Joggers

First up in my American Tall review are the pants I’ve had the longest – the cozy lounge joggers. I bought a black pair and charcoal grey pair of these 3 years ago and still wear them regularly. They come in 6 colors and I’m tempted to get another color!

Sizing: These joggers come in two lengths – tall and extra tall and in sizes XS-2XL. I’m 6’2/1.88m and 195 lbs and bought a large in the tall length in black and quickly wondered what the heck I was thinking…they’re definitely not long enough. I have the extra tall length in the grey and those are perfect.

What I like about these pants: The two main things I like about these joggers is how comfy they are and that they maintain their fitted shape. I hate it when sweatpants get baggy in the knees or bum and these don’t.

Where I wear these: These pants are somewhat thin and definitely give off PJ/loungey vibes (back when I bought them, they were actually called PJ/lounge joggers). I only wear them around the house, although I did throw caution to the wind and wear them on a red eye flight from the US to Germany once. I have seen other tall ladies mention that they wear these out and about so that could be an option too

Quality: Considering I’ve worn these American Tall joggers pretty much every week for three years, they’ve held up remarkably well. They’re still going strong and there are no real visible signs of wear.

Anything I don’t like? Nope! Love them!

Tall Athletic Stripe Pants

American Tall Clothing Review

The American Tall athletic stripe pants are flattering, comfortable and also have some nice details. I love the stripe down the side of the leg and the raised seam down the front adds some interest. The tapered leg is flattering and the zipper at the ankle allows some customization on how you want the fit to be. And let’s not forget the useful zipper pockets! I wish more pants had zipper pockets. I loved my first pair of these pants so much, I bought a second in a pretty wine color (which sadly American Tall does not currently have). These pants are definitely popular with 500+ reviews and an overall review score of 4.8 out of 5.

Sizing: These also come in XS to 2XL and the tall and extra tall length. I ordered my normal size – large extra tall and they fit great. The drawstring waist also helps to get just the right fit around my middle.

Where I wear these pants: As soon as I get home, I usually change out of my jeans into comfier pants and my 2 pairs of athletic pants are always a go-to that I grab. Anybody else do the same or just me? I wear these pants around the house, on walks and to physical therapy. If I had a gym membership, I’d also wear them to the gym!

Quality: Similar to the joggers, I’ve worn these pants pretty much every week since I bought them over a year and a half ago. There are a couple of spots with loose threads on the raised seam but they have held up very well, especially considering that I wear them on repeat.

Anything I don’t like? Nope! Just wish they came in even more colors!

Fleece Lined Women’s Tall Leggings

Ahhhh…fleece lined leggings. Such a lifesaver for outdoor activities in those cold winter months. The inside of these fleece lined leggings from American Tall is SO soft and the leggings are really comfortable. They come in black or navy.

Sizing: These also come in XS to 2XL and the tall and extra tall length. I went with my normal size – large extra tall and they fit well. I like the high waisted style and of course the ample inseam!

Where I wear these pants: I wear these leggings to exercise and on walks.

Quality: This is my second winter wearing these leggings and they still look good as new. I am happy that there is no pilling or visible wear so far.

Anything I don’t like? I wish the fleece lining was a bit thicker. I don’t find it to be all that warm once temps dip below 20F. I also wish there was a phone pocket! Leggings with pockets are life!

Final Thoughts re American Tall

Whenever I purchase clothing, I try to consider whether the clothing is responsibly made or not. American Tall has a statement on its website indicating that it works with manufacturers in Asia and regularly visits the factories to make sure the desired working conditions and quality standards are being upheld. This info combined with the quality and longevity of the items I’ve purchased make me feel comfortable being a customer of American Tall.

As for American Tall customer service, I have always had a good experience. Shipping has generally been quick . One of my orders was taking a very long time to get to me and when I contacted customer service, they quickly sent me a replacement order. I’ve seen some people complain in online forums about American Tall returns being difficult, but I’ve never had to return anything so I cannot give feedback on that. Lastly, be sure to sign up for emails or keep an eye on their website for any sales or American Tall discount codes, which seem to happen pretty frequently.

Have you ever ordered anything from American Tall? If so, I’d love to hear your experience in the comments below!

This post was all about my American Tall review of 3 pairs of pants after 1-3 years of wear.

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