Tall Shopping Challenges

Through my blogging, I’ve become connected with the fabulous tall community and have been thrilled to discover how many tall fashion and large-size shoe options there are. This inspired me to embark on some daring tall shopping challenges, namely:

2021 – Project Replace My Favorites
2016 – Thoughtful Shopping Series
2015 – Tall Speciality Shop Challenge
2013 – Project Remix
2012 – Shopping Custom Challenge
2011 – Tall Shopping Challenge 

Here’s a little bit of background on each challenge:

Project Replace My Favorites – I have several items that I’ve worn so much or had so long that I’ve either worn them out, grown out of them or both. I will be hunting for high quality replacements for these items!

Thoughtful Shopping Series – One of the things I enjoyed about my Tall Specialty Shop Challenge was how thoughtful I was about my purchases. For the second half of 2016, I’m going to continue to be thoughtful about my purchases but am also going to explore where and how my clothes are made. Before I make a purchase, I will research the company to find out as much about their ethics and production as possible. If something seems iffy to me, I won’t make the purchase. If I do feel comfortable proceeding with the purchase, I will of course review the item on the blog and let you know the research I did. Hopefully, this will spark discussion since I certainly won’t claim that my research is exhaustive.

Tall Speciality Shop Challenge – For 2015, I decided to throw caution to the wind and and begin my Tall Speciality Shop Challenge wherein I am only buying items from tall specialty shops for the whole year.  Yikes!  I hope that my experiences and tall finds will inspire you to give some of these tall speciality shops a try.

Project Remix – In 2013, I found Audrey’s website Putting Me Together and it completed rocked my fashion socks off!  I was so tired of standing in my closet and feeling like I had NOTHING but loner pieces and therefore NOTHING to wear.  It was insanely frustrating and made me want to hurl something at the wall. Using the guidelines and tips on Putting Me Together, I embarked on  Project Remix where I focused on building a wardrobe around 4 colors of my choosing (grey, navy, orange and teal) in order to create a wardrobe that plays nice together.  I honestly had no clue how to create anything that remotely resembled a cohesive outfit before I found Audrey’s website. If you’ve never had a gander at her site, I highly recommend you mosey on over there.

Shopping Custom Challenge – After my tall shopping challenge, I became curious about the world of custom-made clothes and…you guessed it…imposed another challenge on myself where I bought at least one custom-made item per month for 4 months.  My results were 50/50…Three items (a blazer, dress and skirt) didn’t work out, but I did end up with a pair of custom jeans, and two tops.  I still wear all three of these items!

Tall Shopping Challenges – In October 2011, after a moody rant about the rather blah state of the tall shopping landscape, I kicked off my first tall shopping challenge wherein I imposed a “ye shall only buy tall clothes for the next 4 months” shopping rule on myself.  It was a fun and eye-opening experiment and made me realize just how annoying and ill-fitting most of the non-tall clothes in my closet were!

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