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Jessica Rey Swimdress Review: Long Torso-Friendly Ethically Made Swimwear!

I’ve never been a huge fan of skimpy swimsuits…well at least as far as the bottoms are concerned. Even in my 20s, I gravitated more toward full coverage boy short bottoms or flirty skirt bottoms balanced out by admittedly skimpy bikini tops. In my 30s, I started experimenting with pairing my skirted bottoms with tankini tops, but I have yet to find one that I didn’t have to tug on every 5 seconds so tankinis generally annoy the heck out of me. I haven’t worn a one piece swimsuit since I was a teenager but decided to start searching online […]

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Perfect for Spring! Tall Gingham Shirt from Allta

It’s been a few years since 6’0 Emma, owner of UK-based tall brand Allta, gifted me this beautiful wool blazer and I’ve been wanting more from this brand ever since! After I dipped my toe in the order-from-the-UK pool with my recent shoe order from Otto+Ivy and saw how easy it was to order from abroad, I decided to chance another UK order by buying the Aston gingham shirt from Allta. Sometimes you don’t know what’s missing from your wardrobe until you add an item and wonder where it’s been your whole life. That’s how I feel about this tall […]

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At Last Denim – Ethically Made Tall Jeans

I feel like I have found my unicorn tall skinny jeans. My rocky relationship with skinny jeans is well documented so imagine my excitement when I found a pair that ticked ALL of the boxes. Responsibly made? Yep! 36″ inseam? Yep! High rise with just the right amount of stretch? Mmm-hmm! Tall fashion newcomer At Last Denim has certainly knocked it out of the park with these ethically made tall jeans! At Last Denim is a US-based brand that launched in 2020 by the fabulous 5’11 Ashley. As is often the case with people who decide to start their own […]

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Otto+Ivy Review

Otto+Ivy Review – Tilly Boots

Back in the olden days (around 12 years ago) before I even started blogging, I discovered the fabulous and witty tall blog All the Tall Things written by 6’2 Laura Schofield. It has always been my all time fav blog! Fast forward to 2015 and I was thrilled to bits to meet up with Laura and fellow blogger Sara of Girl in the Pretty Dress for brunch in London. And then fast forward to 2020 when Laura launched her UK-based shoe brand Otto+Ivy featuring gorgeous ethically made boots, heels and flats for tall ladies.  I can’t believe it took me […]

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Made In Great Britain – New Tall Brand Allta

I’m thrilled to be back with another edition of my Made In… Series where I explore how and where tall brands make their clothing. This time I am chatting with Emma Stewart, the owner of new tall brand Allta, about the launch of her made-in-the-UK line. Emma kindly gifted me a beautiful blazer to test drive and, as you will see below, I am incredibly pleased with it! If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know about my obsession with blazers. I just can’t get enough of them! My husband likes to tease me about my […]

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Made in Germany dress from Paul & Piske in Hamburg

Made in Germany – Tall Clothing from Grossartig by Paul & Piske

Imagine strolling around a hip neighborhood in Hamburg exploring the little streets lined with funky boutiques, cafes and coffee shops and stumbling upon a window front that says “Atelier”. You peer through the window and see a couple of sewing machines and stacks of different fabrics and you wonder what kind of clothing is made there. Now imagine how exciting it would be to discover that the clothing sewn in this Atelier is for the shop Paul & Piske a few doors down which is owned by a tall mother/daughter team and one section of the shop is dedicated to […]

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Made-in-Canada Tall Clothing from Hye Fashion

Made in Canada: Tall Clothing from Hye Fashion

I’m back with another edition of the Made In… Series, where I explore where and how tall brands make or source their clothes. This time, we’re headed to Edmonton Canada where the fabulous boutique Hye Fashion is located. I had the pleasure of chatting via email with Katie, the store and marketing manager, and she provided a wealth of information about all of the tall clothing from Hye Fashion. Read on to learn more. Background on Hye Fashion and Its 6-Foot Founder Hye Fashion is a Women’s Fashion Boutique in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada that focuses on offering fun, stylish clothing […]

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North Clothing Blazer and Paul Piske Dress

Made-in-the-UK: Tall Blazer From North Clothing

The husband teases me for my love of blazers but I just can’t help myself! They’re the perfect extra layer under a coat in winter and make me feel polished and put together when I’m wearing them on their own. I bought the made-in-the-UK tall blazer from North Clothing awhile back and am pleasantly surprised by how much wear I’m getting out of it! If you love the looks of this blazer too, you’re in luck because it’s currently deeply discounted in North’s January sale.  Read on to learn more about North’s story and to see a couple of ways […]

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Thoughtful Gift Guide for the Holidays and Beyond

I have a bit of an odd relationship with Christmas thanks to the “interesting” (translation straight up weird) cult-like church that I grew up in. Christmas trees were considered idols so we weren’t allowed to have one lest we be tempted to dance around our house worshipping it. Exchanging gifts was also a no no and of course there was no Santa either. For all of the weirdness of this churchcult, I actually appreciate the way we celebrated (or rather didn’t celebrate) Christmas. Instead of exchanging gifts amongst ourselves, we usually focused on helping people who were in need. There […]

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Striped fall sweaters from JuNi fashion

Tall Travel Style – Fall Sweaters from JuNi Fashion

You know what i love?! Fall fashion! And it’s even better when it’s tall fall fashion. I’m back with another installment of Tall Travel Style, this time showing how I’ve been wearing my fall sweaters from JuNi Fashion. When I first brought my purchases home, I felt like maybe they were a little too basic and boring and kind of wished I had bought at least one statement piece with a bit more flare. Now that I’ve had these sweaters for a couple of months, I realized that I keep reaching for them again and again when getting dressed in […]

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