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Long Tall Sally maxi dress

Tall Travel Style – California Edition

It seems like I blinked and before I knew it, it had been over 15 months since I’d been home to the U.S. When I landed at LAX a couple of weeks ago, I was SO thrilled to be home that I came very close to bear hugging the immigration officers who said the cursory “welcome home” to me but then thought the better of it lest my enthusiasm be taken the wrong way. Seriously though…hearing that welcome home meant more to me than those strangers will ever know. While I have become relatively comfortable living in Germany as an expat for almost […]

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Long Tall Sally Review

Long Tall Sally Review! Spot Bow Blouse and Stitch Graphic Tunic

Remember my Long Tall Sally spot bow blouse and stitch graphic tunic that I sported during my trip to Vienna? Well I’ve been playing dress up with them and wanted to show you some fun ways to wear these items that Long Tall Sally kindly gifted me! LTS Chunky Stitch Graphic Tunic (c/o) Size: Small Fit: The tunic is loose enough to be able to wear a fitted long-sleeve layering tee underneath (making it perfect for chilly weather), but not so loose that it looks saggy baggy. I’m very happy with the fit! Special Details: The texture of the thick white thread woven […]

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Long Tall Sally tall blouse tassels lace

Long Tall Sally Review: Tassels and Lace!

Tassels, lace and pintucks! Oh my! I’ve found the perfect, pretty travel top for fall and not only is it comfy but it also has fabulous  eye-catching details.  Long Tall Sally kindly gifted me this lovely tunic, and I happily took it for a spin this weekend to see how well it would hold up whilst traveling on the train to and from the Rhine River. When I travel, I always keep two things in mind: 1) comfort 2) style Under #1, I would also add stipulation 1(a) which states that my top must be long enough to avoid any flashing of my knickers at […]

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Tall Women's Clothing Pretty Tall Apeldoorn

Tall Shopping in The Netherlands – A Visit to Pretty Tall in Apeldoorn

I woke up on Monday morning in The Netherlands with that giddy “birthday morning and I’m ready for gifts and cake and ice cream and cupcakes and more ice cream” feeling because Mr. L3 and I were about to set off on an hour drive from Amsterdam to Apeldoorn to visit the tall shop Pretty Tall.  Am I the only one who gets this excited when experiencing in-person tall shopping?Before Monday, I’d only had the chance to visit a brick-and-mortar shop specializing in tall women’s clothes twice in my 30ish years so it obviously goes without saying that it is […]

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Blue tall tunic

Ready for Spring! Vibrant Blue Long Tall Sally Tunic

Who is ready for spring?  Raise your hand!  Me me me…I am!!  It has been grey grey grey gloomy rainy snowy and more grey here, and I am in dire need of all things BRIGHT to cheer me up.    When Long Tall Sally sent me the two pocket tunic from its new spring collection to try, the vibrant blue color of the blouse immediately perked me up.  You know a color is eye catching when you send your sister-in-law the below photo with only a hint of the sleeve and hem showing and she says “I like that blue. […]

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Long Tall Sally Paisley Scarf Print Kaftan – Cure for the Winter Blues!

I don’t know about you but when I heard that ole Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow on Groundhog Day thus predicting 6 more weeks of winter, I wanted to throw something at the wall.  I’m more than ready for hints of spring, and green fields, and new blooms.  Instead, we had snow this weekend with more predicted for tomorrow. Sigh! One thing that’s sure to cure my winter blues is a bright top in a snazzy pattern. Enter the Long Tall Sally Paisley Scarf Print Kaftan which arrived on Saturday.  Look at this print! How could it not cheer me […]

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Long Tall Sally Pop-Up

Review: Orange County’s Long Tall Sally Pop-Up Shop!

My (5’11) sister and I after shopping at the Long Tall Sally pop-up in Huntington Beach, CA.  I’m thinking the hotel maintenance man who took our pic should not quit his day job in pursuit of a photography career.   “Are you two together?’ the Long Tall Sally dressing room attendant asked me and my sister.  “Yep” I replied as she led us to our dressing room.  She whipped back the curtain to reveal two half-clothed strangers busily trying on their LTS finds.  “Whoa…wrong room” I said as I tried to avert my eyes and back out of the room […]

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