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Tall Specialty Shop Challenge

Tall Floral Maxi Dress

Tall Shopping Trip Part 2 – Review of LTS Button-Up Mixed Print Maxi

Since it’s the end of July, it’s high time I review one of my Tall Speciality Shop Challenge purchases from June.  I already shared my mom’s fabulous finds from our Long Tall Sally shopping spree and now it’s my turn. My main shopping mission was to find a couple of wear-anywhere-in-sweltering-weather dresses for my hot summer vacation in Italy.  Of course, I had stalked the LTS website and had some ideas about what I wanted to try on when I arrived at the store. This black and white LTS mixed print button-up maxi has quickly become my summer go-to!  There is so […]

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Tallwater Jeans review

Tall Clothing Review: 38″ Inseam Slim Bootcut Jeans From Tallwater Jeans

I have a rocky relationship with Mr. Jeans.  I remember the first time I tried on skinny jeans, I forcefully yanked on the pants and put myself into all sorts of contortions in an effort to get the jeans on.  Despite all of my squirming, I was only able to get the jeans on as far as my knees. Ugh!  I finally gave up for fear that I might seriously injure myself whilst hobbling around the dressing room trying to yank them up. Then there are the times that I breathe a sign of relief that I was able to get the jeans all […]

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Tall Women's Clothing Pretty Tall Apeldoorn

Tall Shopping in The Netherlands – A Visit to Pretty Tall in Apeldoorn

I woke up on Monday morning in The Netherlands with that giddy “birthday morning and I’m ready for gifts and cake and ice cream and cupcakes and more ice cream” feeling because Mr. L3 and I were about to set off on an hour drive from Amsterdam to Apeldoorn to visit the tall shop Pretty Tall.  Am I the only one who gets this excited when experiencing in-person tall shopping?Before Monday, I’d only had the chance to visit a brick-and-mortar shop specializing in tall women’s clothes twice in my 30ish years so it obviously goes without saying that it is […]

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Sneak Peek: 38″ Tallwater Kimora Slim Bootcut Jeans (Before Alterations)

I’ve been dying to share my second March Tall Speciality Shop Challenge purchase with you, and I simply CANNOT wait until I get them back from the tailor to talk about these.  Here’s a sneak peek of the gloriously long Kimora Slim Bootcut Jeans from Tallwater Jeans before I carted them off to alterations.  Never fear – a full review will be coming down the pike as soon as I get them back (hopefully with some outdoor photos now that spring has finally decided to stop being shy).  As you can see above, the 38″ inseam creates kind of a […]

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Height Goddess Tall Charlie Blouse

Tall Clothing Review: Height Goddess Charlie V-Neck Blouse

My Tall Specialty Shop Challenge is humming right along and today I bring you one of the items that I bought for March – the Charlie v-neck blouse in the “tote basket” color from Height Goddess.  The fabulous Lameeka Weeks launched Height Goddess several years ago and the line includes a trendy collection of jeans, blouses, dresses, graphic tees and pants. I was in the market for a neutral, blank-slate type of blouse because I had recently discarded two such blouses that I’d worn to tatters.  But no way no how did I want my new neutral blouse to be blah and […]

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Marge Clothing Luxury Line for Tall Women

Tall Fashion Alert – Marge Clothing Launching in 2015

Do you get as giddy as I do when you find out about new tall companies? Since I am only buying my clothing from tall speciality shops for 2015, I NEED as many options as possible! There are a couple of tall lines that will be launching in the next few months and I wanted to review them as part of my Tall Speciality Shop series.  You should definitely follow their social media accounts for exclusive sneak peeks and updates on their progress. Today, I’m highlighting Marge Clothing.  Based in San Francisco, Marge Clothing is a tall luxury clothing line that will be launching in Spring/Summer […]

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Tall Fashion Alert – Grace & Altitude Launching in 2015

Do you get as giddy as I do when you find out about new tall companies? Since I am only buying my clothing from tall speciality shops for 2015, I NEED as many options as possible! There are a couple of tall lines that will be launching in the next few months, and I wanted to highlight them as part of my Tall Speciality Shop series.  You should definitely follow their social media accounts for exclusive sneak peeks and updates on their progress.  Today, I’m highlighting Grace & Altitude. Based in London, Grace & Altitude describes itself as “Sartorial Splendour for tall women. A womenswear brand providing […]

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Talltique Bomber Jacket – Tall Fashion at its Best!

I’ve been LONGING for two things lately: 1) a fabulous tall leather bomber jacket 2) the sun/warmer weather My first wish was fulfilled a couple of weeks ago when Talltique’s beautiful faux leather bomber jacket arrived in my mailbox.  The second wish was fulfilled this weekend when Mr. Sun and his cousin Bright Blue Skies both made a rare appearance during our little trip to Strasbourg, France.  Even though temps were in the 40s, I excitedly threw on my new Talltique bomber jacket and was in HEAVEN to not be wearing my winter coat for the day. This is the […]

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Entrepreneurial Tall Sisters For The Win!

Do you have a tall sister?  I do and I’ve featured her here on the blog a few times.  I really miss living near my 5’11 sister for several reasons including the stealing sharing of clothes, fun (and sometimes frustrating) shopping trips and of course the special sisterly bond. Since I’m now living on a different continent and I miss her, here are a couple of my favorite photos of the two of us together during recent trips home to California.  In both photos, we happen to be posing on my magical little Balboa Island where I lived for a few […]

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New Tall Shopping Challenge (and Some Soul Searching)

Lately, I’ve been on the prowl to find as many tall specialty shops as I can. I don’t mean big international brands that happen to offer a tall line buried somewhere on their website (although those certainly have their place in the tall scene).  I’m talking tall entrepreneurs who have noticed a gap in the tall clothing market and have taken a chance on starting their own companies.  I currently have 19 tall specialty lines on my Shopping List. NINETEEN companies solely catering to tall women!!! Isn’t that exciting? What are these “tallpreneurs” doing for us tall ladies?  Here are […]

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