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Clothing for Tall Kids – Does it Exist?

This week, a reader asked me the following question on Instagram:    “Do you have any fashion advice for tall children? My two year old is in a 4-5T, and the next size up is in big kids clothes. As much fun as shopping is, I’d rather have her in more age appropriate stuff. I know it’s not a big problem right now, but it will be when she’s 10 and is in teens’ clothing sizes”   As I pondered this question, I began to sympathize with my reader and understand why she would have some concerns over being able […]

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RIP Indi Custom Denim

When I started writing this first installment for my Shopping Custom Challenge, I was confuzzled when I was unable to access the Indi Custom Denim website. After doing some super slueth Google searching, I realized that Indi had (gasp!) gone out of business! I’m in a state of mourning since I LOVE my custom trouser jeans, get tons of compliments on them and was planning to order other styles. Alicia Jay from Tall Swag, Krista from Tall Clothing Mall and I all had a moment of mourning together on Twitter when I broke the bad news. Although Indi is now […]

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Stuff I’ve Learned From Twitter

I’ve put off joining Twitter for a long time because…well…I have a tendency to become obsessed with things, and I was worried I would just sit in front of my computer all day refreshing my twitter feed and  forsake all face-to-face contact with the outside world.  OK…I’m being a little over-dramatic.  I’m way too social to let that happen, but just ask my husband about the 4684208624 hours I spent researching houses to buy, finding the perfect cabin to rent in the Smoky Mountains and looking into a tropical vacation for us. You get the picture about just how obsessed […]

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