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Shopping Custom Challenge – Quincy Apparel (and a Dress Shopping Rant)

October’s buy for the Shopping Custom Challenge was the Elliott Blazer and Elliott Sheath dress from Quincy Apparel. I need a new suit for work and figured these would work well together and as separate pieces. They were both LOVELY but didn’t fit so back they went via Quincy’s (very convenient) free return shipping. Quincy’s sizing is a bit unique in that you take a “fit quiz”and the system tells you that you’re a 36A/B or 38C/D etc. for tops/dresses and 30 Tall (in my case) for bottoms. The 36A/B Tall Elliott Sheath was too loose up top but super […]

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Interview with Victoria from Capiche by Victoria – Shopping Custom Challenge

I have oodles of respect for people who start small businesses in these (not so) jolly economic times.  I’m SO excited about the “tall” small businesses that I’ve discovered and this excitement makes me want to do my part in supporting them both on the blog and with my pocketbook because I NEED AND WANT these businesses to stay around. Love Me Forever Polka Dot Top from Capiche Enter Capiche by Victoria – a made-to-order fashion collection available online.  The owner/designer, Victoria, is 6’2 so you can bet your sweet bippy that the clothes she designs will look fetching on […]

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Shopping Custom Challenge Part 4 – Capiche by Victoria

I’ve been out of commission with pneumonia for 3 weeks but FINALLY felt spunky enough to play dress up today.  Good thing since I’ve been doing a little too much online shopping whilst lounging in bed and am very backed up on my blogging. As you know, I’m smack dab in the middle of my Shopping Custom Challenge where I buy one custom made item per month.  September’s buy was the Love Your Forever polka dot top from Capiche by Victoria. I’m a sucker for polka dots (especially those of the white on navy variety) so after much deliberation about […]

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Shopping Custom Challenge – eShakti – Mixed Luck

Shopping Custom  Challenge – Part 3 My dress, top and skirt from eShakti arrived a bit ago and I really should have had Mr. L3 take video of me trying to get the dress and top on. No matter which way I squirmed and contorted, I absolutely could NOT get the dress on for the life of me. It would have helped if the dress had a zipper that went all the way to the top instead of just a partial side zipper. O well. It’s all part of the adventure. Moving on to the ruffly top, the fabric has no […]

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RIP Indi Custom Denim

When I started writing this first installment for my Shopping Custom Challenge, I was confuzzled when I was unable to access the Indi Custom Denim website. After doing some super slueth Google searching, I realized that Indi had (gasp!) gone out of business! I’m in a state of mourning since I LOVE my custom trouser jeans, get tons of compliments on them and was planning to order other styles. Alicia Jay from Tall Swag, Krista from Tall Clothing Mall and I all had a moment of mourning together on Twitter when I broke the bad news. Although Indi is now […]

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New Project – Shopping Custom Challenge!

My Shopping Tall Challenge has been over for awhile now and I’ve given myself a new project! If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you’re likely aware of my dress and pants shopping woes. After having great luck with a recent jeans purchase from Indi Custom Denim (sadly now out of business), I’ve decided to embark upon an adventure into the world of customized clothing with the hopes that I might be able to score some items that look like they were made JUST FOR ME! The challenge will go a little something like this – I’m […]

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