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Banana Republic Tall Classic Belted Trench

J.Crew Majesty Peacoast for tall women

Cold Weather Favorites and Life Lately

As you can see, my late summer break that I took in September turned into a full blown blogging sabbatical. Oops! I’ve had a bit of difficulty getting back into the swing of blogging the past couple of months for a few reasons and decided I’d quickly catch you up on what’s been going down and what I’ve been thinking. Buckle your seatbelt since this is a bit long. First, I just feel like such a busy bee between my part-time job, my volunteer work, my German lessons, managing our household, traveling and maintaining some semblance of a social life. I’m […]

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BR Tall Trench Coat

Tall Trench Coat From Banana Republic

I really need to stop devouring food from outdoor markets whilst wearing my nice coats. I’ve had my tall trench coat from Banana Republic for years and have worn it all over the world from Asia to Europe to the U.S.  I love the way I feel in it – the way the belt perfectly defines my waist, the longggggg sleeves, the smart collar – it’s a classic and classy wardrobe staple!  Today, I managed to get a grease stain on my trench while eating a to-die-for grilled cheese at an outdoor food market, and I’m not sure if I’ll be […]

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Baby It’s Cold Outside – Tall Coats – J.Crew, Banana Republic and Tall Couture

Not quite sure why I’m entitling this post “Baby It’s Cold Outside” considering that I alternate between hating and liking that Christmas song and we’re having a bit of an Indian winter so it’s really not THAT cold outside yet here.  (Southern California readers – can you believe I now consider a high of 50 and low in the high 20s balmy and debate whether I should even wear a coat?!?) Since moving away from 70-degrees-all-day-every-day Southern California almost exactly 2 years (my 2 year wedding anniversary is in a matter of hours), I have derived great pleasure from bundling […]

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