4 Days in the Scottish Highlands - Bealach na Ba road

4 Days in the Scottish Highlands – Tall Travel Style

If you read my posts about Copenhagen, then you know that I was determined not to travel anywhere even remotely hot this summer. I would say we definitely succeeded in beating the heat this summer since the weather in Copenhagen was certainly pleasant and the weather during our 4 days in the Scottish Highlands was borderline chilly. The scenery in the Highlands was truly some of the most dramatic and breathtaking landscapes I’ve ever seen. Part of the charm is how uninhabited the area is with the primary residents appearing to be sheep and cows. Our original plan was to stay somewhere different […]

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MARGE Clothing Outfit - Thoughtful Shopping

Thoughtful Shopping Update – Thrifting, 30 Wears and Favorite Pieces So Far

I’m way overdue for an update on my Thoughtful Shopping Series! The truth is I’ve been heavy on the “thoughtful” part and light on the shopping which I’m perfectly fine with. One of the shifts I’m noticing in my buying habits is that I’m slow as molasses in buying things now because I ponder my purchases for quite awhile.  If I do buy something, it’s usually because I really love the item, know it’ll fill a void in my closet and know I’ll wear it a ton. I can’t remember the last time I bought something impulsively. Since I haven’t been shopping much, I’m […]

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Cycling to dinner in Copenhagen

Tall Travel Style – Cycling Around Copenhagen

The highlight of our trip to Copenhagen was being able to ride bikes EVERYWHERE. We rented bikes on the afternoon of our first day in town and kept them for the next 3 days. The bike lanes are super roomy and all over town making it very convenient and safe to get places. Being so active every day made me feel quite energized. I think it was a combo of the exercise, the breeze in my hair, the unpredictability of when we might get rained on and the thrill of exploring a new city. Read below for my adventures cycling around Copenhagen. Outfit […]

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Tall Travel Style – Copenhagen Day 1

Last July, we spent 10 days in Italy and it was beautiful but SO miserably hot! This year, we wised up and went north to Copenhagen which proved to be a fabulous decision since temps never rose above 72F/22C! I feel positively rejuvenated after spending the last 3 days in this amazing city with its gentle sunshine, nice breezes, beautiful waterways, bright buildings, friendly locals and amazing food. Today is the 1 year anniversary of my relaunch of my website under the Tall Fashion Adventures name, so I figured what better way to celebrate than to write about one of my new […]

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Visiting Bernkastel Kues

Tall Travel Style – Mosel River

Ahhhh….summer road trips! One of my favorite things. The husband and I jetted off to the beautiful Mosel wine region of Germany and had an amazing time driving along the river between the tiny, picturesque villages, taking in the dramatic vineyard views and checking out the wine scene. I wasn’t super motivated to pack for this trip so I just threw some stuff in a suitcase and hoped I would be able to look semi-decent each day. And unfortunately I forgot my favorite everyday rose gold necklace and earrings so I felt quite naked in the accessories department! Here are […]

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Canals and pretty buildings in Annecy

Tall Travel Style – France! Lake Annecy and Burgundy

For the past several months, the husband and I have been planning a grand European adventure for our goods friends from the U.S. I already shared about our first stop in Piedmont Italy. Our next stop was the beautiful Lake Annecy in the French Alps! We had never been there before, but I had been dying to go after seeing some photos on various travel blogs. It did not disappoint! Our final stop was the small town of Beaune in Burgundy which we had been to last year.  Truth be told, I did a pretty terrible job of getting outfit photos on […]

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Outfits for July 4th

Red White and Blue – 5 Outfits for July 4th!

Although I think it’s a fabulous color combo, I don’t often wear red, white and blue together. I’m not sure why considering I have tons of blue and white in my closet, along with a couple of fun pops of red.  While this is not one of my go-to color palettes, I ALWAYS look forward to putting together a red white and blue outfit for the 4th of July. Since starting my Thoughtful Shopping Series, I have been trying to make do more and more with what is already in my closet as opposed to shopping a ton. I had […]

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Tall Travel Style Piedmont

Tall Travel Style – Piedmont Italy (Take 2)

For the past several months, the husband and I have been planning a grand European adventure for our goods friends from the U.S. We loved Piedmont Italy SO much last year that we made that our first stop. While I didn’t get photos of ALL of my outfits because I was more focused on enjoying quality time with our friends, I did manage to snap a few outfit photos. Read on to see my tall travel style and, of course, some travel photos as well. Activity: Private wine and food tour in Piedmont with the fabulous Anna from Italianna  What I […]

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Tall Travel Style Giveaway

Wear Life Well and Win! Tall Travel Style Giveaway with MARGE Clothing and Tall Wife

**Update** – A huge congrats to Nicole C. (@overfiftyfashion on Instagram) for winning the outfit giveaway. I can’t wait to see Nicole’s Tall Travel Style in her new MARGE pieces. A big thanks to the MARGE Team for its generosity in this giveaway and to Karen of Tall Wife for partnering with me and MARGE for this project!  Since moving to Europe a year and a half ago, I’ve had a bad case of wanderlust!  I feel amazingly fortunate to be able to take in so many sights and to have the opportunity to make friends with fellow globetrotting tall ladies like Karen […]

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MARGE Clothing Review

Tall Ethical Fashion – Blue Silk ANNI Blouse From MARGE Clothing

MARGE Clothing has been on my radar for well over a year, and I’m finally the proud owner of a lovely MARGE piece – the beautiful ANNI silk button-up blouse in poseideon blue. MARGE fills a unique void in the tall fashion world with its focus on luxurious, sophisticated apparel and ethical fashion. Since I am on the prowl for well-made investment pieces this year, I find MARGE’s vision to be quite refreshing and impressive. Keep an eye out for an in-depth behind-the-scenes look at MARGE’s production and sourcing in the near future. In the meantime, here’s a quick snapshot as to why/how MARGE fits into my Thoughtful […]

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