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Thoughtful Shopping

I want Tall Fashion Adventures to be your go-to for information on responsibly and ethically made clothing for tall women! Since 2016, I have been more thoughtful and curious about where and how my clothes are made and I hope to inspire the same curiosity and thoughtfulness in you. You can read more about my journey to thoughtful shopping in this post.

I’ve started to ask myself things like:

“How could this clothing item possibly be this danged cheap and all of the people involved in making and selling it still make money?”

“Am I going to get years and years of wear out of this item or will it fall apart after only a few wears?”

“Is it possible that someone was treated poorly in the process of making this item?”

If the answers to these questions don’t sit well with me, then I don’t buy the item. Simple as that! On the flip side, just because an items is expensive doesn’t guarantee that shadiness wasn’t involved in the making of it. As with many things in life, the answer to all of this is IT’S COMPLICATED! I’ve done a fair amount of research on the topic of “fair/responsible fashion” and wanted to share some of the info I’ve found. Check this page often as it is a work in progress and will be frequently updated.

Ethical Fashion Bloggers or Websites I Love (More to be added soon)

Sustainably Chic
The Tall Mama
Sheer Apparel Blog
Project Just
Fashion Revolution

Thoughtful Shopping Resources

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