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Thoughtful Shopping Update – Thrifting, 30 Wears and Favorite Pieces So Far

I’m way overdue for an update on my Thoughtful Shopping Series! The truth is I’ve been heavy on the “thoughtful” part and light on the shopping which I’m perfectly fine with. One of the shifts I’m noticing in my buying habits is that I’m slow as molasses in buying things now because I ponder my purchases for quite awhile.  If I do buy something, it’s usually because I really love the item, know it’ll fill a void in my closet and know I’ll wear it a ton. I can’t remember the last time I bought something impulsively. Since I haven’t been shopping much, I’m […]

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Thoughtful Shopping Series - Discovering where and how clothes are made

New Shopping Challenge: Thoughtful Shopping Series

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know that I love to impose style challenges on myself. Over the past several years, I’ve done a “Shopping Custom” challenge where I had to buy at least one custom-made item for month for 4 months, Project Remix where I focused on building a “remixable” wardrobe and my 2015 Tall Specialty Shop Challenge where I only bought items from independent tall shops for 10 months. I’ve been mulling over what my 2016 challenge should be. Since we’re rapidly approaching the halfway point of the year, I guess I should get on it, […]

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Tall Specialty Shop Challenge

Recap of my 2015 Tall Specialty Shop Challenge

2015 has come and gone which means my Tall Specialty Shop Challenge is now complete! Just to refresh your memory, this challenge involved only buying from companies that exclusively sell tall women’s clothing from February-Decemebr 2015.  My purpose was to see if all of my fashion needs could be met by tall speciality retailers, to discover new tall shops and also to introduce these fabulous “tallpreneurs” to my readers. In case you’re curious about such things, none of the items featured in this shopping challenge were gifted to me – I bought all of them with my own pennies. While I do occasionally receive and review gifts from […]

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Tall tee Pretty Tall Netherlands

6 Month Update: Tall Specialty Shop Challenge 2015

Wowee! Where is 2015 going? I am now six months into my Tall Specialty Shop Challenge and it’s been quite a ride so far.  Just to refresh your memory, this challenge involves only buying from companies that exclusively sell tall women’s clothing for all of 2015 (well for most of 2015 since I started the challenge on February 20).  My purpose is to see if all of my fashion needs can be met by tall speciality retailers, to discover new tall shops and also to introduce these fabulous “tallpreneurs” to my readers.  I hope that my reviews over the past 6 […]

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J.Crew Tall Schoolboy Blazer

Project Remix – 2 Year Anniversary

Remember Project Remix?    I just realized that it has been precisely 2 years since I embarked on Project Remix, and I thought it might be fun to take a walk down memory lane with some of my favorite outfits.    I can’t even tell you how thrilled I was to find Audrey’s Putting Me Together website 2 years ago. If you’ve never had a gander at Audrey’s website, DROP EVERYTHING AND DO IT NOW!  I was SO tired of standing in my closet staring at my clothes and feeling like I had NOTHING to wear.  I realized that my problem was twofold 1) […]

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New Tall Shopping Challenge (and Some Soul Searching)

Lately, I’ve been on the prowl to find as many tall specialty shops as I can. I don’t mean big international brands that happen to offer a tall line buried somewhere on their website (although those certainly have their place in the tall scene).  I’m talking tall entrepreneurs who have noticed a gap in the tall clothing market and have taken a chance on starting their own companies.  I currently have 19 tall specialty lines on my Shopping List. NINETEEN companies solely catering to tall women!!! Isn’t that exciting? What are these “tallpreneurs” doing for us tall ladies?  Here are […]

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Guest Post at and Quick Project Remix Update

Hey there! I did a guest post this week over at about my Project Remix. Tons of photos.  Check it out here! Here is where I’m at with my Project Remix shopping list so far: Skirts – 1 in navy or gray, 1 in orange or teal and 1 print skirt Dresses – 1 print dress Tops – 1 gray or navy top; 2 orange or teal solid tops; 2 orange or teal print tops Completer Pieces – 2 Grey or Navy Blazers, cropped jackets etc., 1 teal or orange blazer, 1 teal or orange cardigan, and 1 denim […]

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Project Remix

I’m tired of standing in my closet staring at my clothes and feeling like I have NOTHING to wear. Anyone else ever feel this way? I’m realizing that having a bunch of loner pieces in my wardrobe makes for MUCHO frustration and really isn’t very fun.  Enter Project Remix – where I will endeavor to create a more remixable wardrobe and try to “reimagine” my clothes. I’m using the Wardrobe From Scratch series on Audrey’s Putting Me Together blog as a general guide to help me with Project Remix. Here are the steps I’ve gone through so far: Define my […]

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New Project – Shopping Custom Challenge!

My Shopping Tall Challenge has been over for awhile now and I’ve given myself a new project! If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you’re likely aware of my dress and pants shopping woes. After having great luck with a recent jeans purchase from Indi Custom Denim (sadly now out of business), I’ve decided to embark upon an adventure into the world of customized clothing with the hopes that I might be able to score some items that look like they were made JUST FOR ME! The challenge will go a little something like this – I’m […]

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Shopping Tall Challenge Recap

I just realized that December 13 will be my halfway point in my Shopping Tall Challenge, and I started thinking back over all the fabulous items I’ve added to my wardrobe since then.  My commitment to only buy tall sized clothing for four months stemmed from a long rant about the lack of tall clothing in stores and how INFURIATING online shopping can be.  However, as I look back, I feel like I’ve had pretty good luck and haven’t had to return near as many online purchases as I thought I would. Here’s a quick recap. I’ve already scored items from […]

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