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Bright Fishing Boats Riomaggiore

Late Summer Vacation for Tall Fashion Adventures

Hello fabulous readers! Just wanted to let you know that I’ve decided to take a little break from blogging in the month of September in order to focus on some other projects and goals. Never fear! I’ll be back soon with some fresh content (and some more travel photos of course). In the meantime, follow me on social media to see what I’m up to.

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Tall Fashion Blog Goals

Goals and Habits 2016

Can you believe the first month of 2016 is already in the books? I can’t! I’m taking a break from my normal “tall fashion blog” posts to talk about some projects I’ve been working on. I tend to set goals year round, but the beginning of a new year always seems like a good time to evaluate what I’m doing with my life, what I can do better and what I’ve done well. My 3 goals for 2016 are the same as last year because I feel like they need more work. This year, I’m focusing on creating small habits that will […]

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Tall Blog Tall Fashion Adventures

A Look Back at 2015

With 2015 now in the books, I’m taking a look back at some of the highlights that I wrote about on my tall fashion blog this year (and what a year it’s been)! Expat Life One of the biggest highlights of 2015 was our relocation from the U.S. to Europe. We arrived on December 3, 2014 and our first year as expats has FLOWN by.  In the travel department, we sure covered a ton of ground including trips to Prague, Strasbourg, Amsterdam (and Keukenhof!), Champagne region, Loire Valley, Piedmont/Tuscany, Rhine River, Paris, London and Zurich (just to name a few). Tall Blogger […]

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Why I’m Cutting Back on Social Media

Confession time! I have ZERO self control when it comes to social media. Right after I wake up each morning, I grab my phone and eagerly scroll through my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest apps to see what notifications I have and what others have posted while I was in the Land of Nod. This is often the last thing I do before I go to bed too.  Throughout the day, if I’m not thrilled with the task I’m doing (like cleaning the house), I’ll take a bajillion breaks to check my accounts.  This inevitably turns a 30 minute cleaning gig […]

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Launch of Tall Fashion Adventures Blog

Long.Leggy.Lovin’ It is Now Tall Fashion Adventures!

Hello there! I’m so thrilled you’ve stopped by to check out my new website – Tall Fashion Adventures.  Holy guacamole! I didn’t realize how much work it would be to transfer my Long.Leggy.Lovin’ It blog from Blogger to WordPress AND completely design a new website.  I now see why bloggers pay professionals to do this for them!  But I felt like I needed a good challenge in my life, and I have learned (and am still learning) many new things throughout this process. The blog is a bit of a “beautiful mess” at the moment since I’m still working on some […]

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A Delicate Subject – Undergarments for Tall Ladies

Do you ever think about what niche you would fill were you to start your own tall clothing line?  The niche I’d love to fill always makes me blush a smidge which is why I’ve kept it a secret.  Well today I’m spilling the secret – I’d love to start an intimates and hosiery collection for tall women since finding well fitting unmentionables has always been a source of frustration for me.  I also adore all things delicate and lacy and think it would be amazing to design some of these items. I am not in the least entrepreneurial and […]

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Happy 5th Birthday to My Tall Blog

The other day, I was looking for an older blog post and happened to go allllll the way back to my very first post.  Then I noticed the date of my first post and was like WHAT THE WHAT?!?! My tall blog is turning 5 soon?  I can’t believe that it’s been five years since I started regaling all of you with my random encounters with people who aren’t used to seeing a 6’2 woman wear heels and showing you my tall fashion finds. I’m feeling rather nostalgic so why not take a walk down memory lane with me? My […]

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Clothing for Tall Kids – Does it Exist?

This week, a reader asked me the following question on Instagram:    “Do you have any fashion advice for tall children? My two year old is in a 4-5T, and the next size up is in big kids clothes. As much fun as shopping is, I’d rather have her in more age appropriate stuff. I know it’s not a big problem right now, but it will be when she’s 10 and is in teens’ clothing sizes”   As I pondered this question, I began to sympathize with my reader and understand why she would have some concerns over being able […]

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Dress Shopping Debacle

Am I the only one who can’t seem to find dresses that fit to save my life? I’ve tried ordering tall sizes online, rifling through racks at the mall, ordering non-tall sizes online etc. etc. At this point, maybe I need to take up sewing? You’re probably sick of hearing all about my dress shopping woes but here comes another round. I’m sick of wearing boring-ole-blah dress pants for work, so I’ve been on the hunt for some frocks. I ordered a tall dress from Loft in a size 6 AND 8 thinking that one of them would SURELY fit. […]

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Stuff I’ve Learned From Twitter – Part 2 – Tall Consignment, & Tall PJs

Get excited! It’s time for another round of random stuff I’ve learned from Twitter. (In case you missed the first installment, click here.)  I had a lovely tall acquaintance ask me this week if I knew of any tall consignment stores, and I was thrilled to bits to be able to tell her I had seen something on Twitter and would get the info to her. I figured I’d share it with you too so here it is along with a coulpe of other tidbits! 1) Tall online consignment store courtesy of @tallswag ( –  Always-in-the-know-about-all-things-tall 6’6 Alicia Jay delivered again when […]

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