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Size 11 Shoe Reviews

Zivaano Sneakers Review

Zivaano Sneakers Review – Cute, Comfy & Colorful!

You know what’s the worst?! Uncomfortable shoes! I made a BIG mistake in my recent 2.5 months of suitcase living by only packing one pair of marginally comfortable sneakers thinking I could get by with them. Well guess what?!? I grew to LOATHE them because they had minimal support and dug into my heels. Epic packing fail! As soon as I got to my new house in Germany and realized there were TONS of amazing walking paths in my neighborhood, I wasted no time in ordering these colorful beauties from Netherlands-based large-size shoe brand Zivaano. I’d had my eyes on these fun […]

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Rothy’s Review – The Point Flats in Size 11.5 (One Year Later)

If you spend any time on Instagram or Facebook, you’ve likely seen ads for Rothys shoes. Or maybe you’re like me and you first got introduced to them when you noticed a friend wearing them. Either way, they have become very popular and with good reason! I bought a pair last year but have been a bit lazy about reviewing them, bad blogger that I am sometimes. Oops! Sometimes I feel like my procrastination is beneficial because I’ve now had the chance to wear these shoes a bunch and can provide oodles of details about them. Read on for my […]

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Otto+Ivy Review

Otto+Ivy Review – Tilly Boots

Back in the olden days (around 12 years ago) before I even started blogging, I discovered the fabulous and witty tall blog All the Tall Things written by 6’2 Laura Schofield. It has always been my all time fav blog! Fast forward to 2015 and I was thrilled to bits to meet up with Laura and fellow blogger Sara of Girl in the Pretty Dress for brunch in London. And then fast forward to 2020 when Laura launched her UK-based shoe brand Otto+Ivy featuring gorgeous ethically made boots, heels and flats for tall ladies.  I can’t believe it took me […]

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Paul Green Ankle Strap Sandals

Paul Green Sandals – Perfect for Spring!

I’ve been quite a naughty girl when it comes to writing reviews of my shoes. Today, I’m rectifying that by telling you about two pairs of Paul Green sandals that I just adore. As spring and warmer weather (hopefully?) approaches, I can’t wait to wear them again! We have several days of snow and rain in the forecast so it might be a little while before I get to traipse around in these fabulous sandals but at least it’s something to look forward to… I had never heard of Paul Green until my “shoe guy” at Nordstrom brought me a pair […]

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How to style ankle boots

4 Ways to Wear Chelsea Ankle Boots

I’ve been hesitant to try flat ankle boots for fear that my size 11 feet would look like massive, manly leather-covered blobs. When Long Tall Sally kindly let me pick a couple of fall items to try, the classic brown Chelsea boot caught my eye and I decided it was high time I conquered my fear of ankle boots.  When I opened the shoe box, I gave the somewhat large looking boots a dubious glance.  Slowly and suspiciously, I took them out and put them on, felt how comfortable they were, admired how classy they looked and realized that my preconceived notion about […]

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Shoes of Prey Custom-Made Shoes Available at Nordstrom

Have you ever dreamed of creating custom-made shoes in person?  Shoes of Prey has you covered! Not only can you design customized shoes on the Shoes of Prey website, but now you can visit select Nordstrom stores and design your shoes with the help of a shoe stylist. I almost swallowed my gum with excitement when I read about the partnership between Shoes of Prey and Nordstrom.   Nordstrom has always been my go-to for my size 11 shoes and is popular amongst tall women since they carry up to a size 13 (and sometimes higher).  Guess what? Shoes of Prey offers […]

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Pointy-Toe Black Flats

Size 11 Shoe Splurges – J.Crew Dean Extended Calf Boots and Tory Burch Aimee Pointed Toe Flats

Happy 2014 to all of you!  It’s been awhile but I’m still alive and still tall so it’s high time I post some more stuff on the blog, eh? My latest splurges have been on shoes.  I have a terrible time finding boots that fit my calves but am starting to wonder if anyone really has an easy time of it.  I have several friends who have tiny calves and find themselves swimming in most boots. I also know people who need extended widths and then there are people like me who have calves that are just a teensy bit […]

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Project Remix Update, Neutral Accessories & Nude Hosiery!

Oops! I did it again! I neglected my blog. Life got in the way O baby. OK…I don’t think I’ll be able to write this whole post set to a Britney Spears song so I’ll quit trying.  I’ve been in the throes of a complicated move and all the annoyances thrills that come with it like hiring movers, packing, renting out our current house etc. While I have most certainly NOT let all of these obligations get in the way of my shopping, I obviously have been very neglectful in sharing my purchases with y’all. Here’s a little photo update. […]

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America’s Bday Present – 3 Pairs of Shoes for Me (And 1 For Mr. L3)

On July 4th, it was well over 100 degrees. For a Sweaty Betty like me, doing something outside was out of the question, so Mr. L3 and I decided to show our patriotic spirit by heading to the mall and supporting the economy. As soon as we felt the heavenly cold blast of the AC when walking into Nordstrom, I knew we’d made the right choice! I was on a mission to find more sandals to wear to work since I can’t stand to stuff my feet into flats or pumps when it’s so dadblamed hot out.  I wandered around […]

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I Heart You – Size 11 Shoes Galore

In my humble opinion, is absolute heaven for those of us with ample-sized feet who regularly feel deflated when we go shoe shopping and are only able to find one or two pairs in our size.  When I was frantically searching for black flats the other day on Endless (because I threw my rather eldery pair away awhile back to force myself to buy new ones), I had 482 pairs to weed through in size 11! Glorious! The searching capabilities on the site are fabulous (filter by any combo of size, color, heel height, price, style, brand) and you […]

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