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There’s tall women’s clothing and then there’s tall women’s clothing which goes the extra mile with special details, superb quality and amazing fit. French tall brand Grandemary Paris hits all of those high notes in its small but beautiful collection of made in France tall women’s clothing.

Clothing for Tall Women France

This post is all about made in France tall women’s clothing from Grandemary Paris!

About Grandemary Paris – Made in France Tall Women’s Clothing

Like many tall women’s clothing brands, Grandemary Paris was born out of frustration and the desire for something better. 6’4 founder Marie was tired of hunting for beautiful tall clothing only to be disappointed by shirts and pants that were too short and just didn’t fit right.

You can tell that Marie has put great thought into her tall women’s clothing, all of which are made in France. She wants tall women to be able to have beautiful, modern, responsibly made clothing at a fair price. That’s music to my ears! The current collection consists of a long sleeve, corduroy button-up dress, a pair of chinos, a pair of dress pants, a printed cotton shirt and the striped sweater that I’m wearing.

Grandemary ships internationally and currently offers free shipping in France and the EU.

Review of Striped Sweater from Grandemary Paris

When I ordered the Grandemary tuxedo pants, Marie included a sample of the striped sweater in size medium so I could give her my feedback on it. That was more than a year ago and I can honestly say after a year of nonstop wear is that this sweater is FANTASTIC!

I had seen this style of striped sweater quite a bit on the interwebs and Instagram and, as a lover of all things stripes, was so excited to have my hands on a tall version. And not just any tall version but one with the following features:

  • Ethically made in Brittany France
  • High quality wool blend fabric
  • Light gold zipper which is a nice eye catching detail
  • Suitable style for winter, spring or autumn

Sizing and Fit

The striped sweater comes in sizes Small to XXL. I am 6’2/1.88m and 195 lbs/88.5kg and wearing a size medium. The sweater has a bit of a relaxed fit and Marie recommends going down a size for a more fitted silhouette or up a size for an oversized look. The sleeves are nice and long at 67-68cm/26.5″ and have dropped shoulders for a comfy, relaxed fit. As for the length, the sweater hits perfectly a bit below my hips.

Tall Womens Clothing France Online - Striped sweater from Grandemary Paris

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Special Details

This tall striped sweater is full of special little details. First, I love the navy blue stripes. You just can’t beat a classic strped style! Then let’s talk about the flattering collar and neckline with the gold zipper. Not only is the gold zipper a nice eye catching detail, but it also makes for a flattering, adjustable neckline. The cuffs on the sleeves and around the bottom create a fitted, tapered silhouette at your hips and wrists which helps balance out the overall relaxed fit of the sweater.

Quality and Wearability

I think the thing that stands out most for me with this sweater is the superb quality! It is knitted in Brittany in the smallest sailor sweater workshop in France. Ummmm…how cool is that?!?! Despite wearing it at least once per week (and sometime twice) for approximately 9 months out of the past year, the sweater has very minimal pilling and still looks brand new. I do take it to the dry cleaner rather than wash it at home because I want it to last as long as possible. And I can tell that it will indeed last me for years! Huzzah!

As far as wearability, the sweater is more midweight than lightweight, so I am able to wear it in every season except summer. This is a big win for me since I love to get as much wear out of my clothing as possible rather than constantly buying new clothing.

A Peek at the Grandemary Tuxedo Stripe Pants

This review is mostly about the sweater, but I wanted to quickly show the tuxedo stripe pants that I bought too. They are a straight fit with an 84cm/33″ inseam and a cool green stripe down the outside of each pant leg. The first pair that I ordered was a size EU40 and was a bit too snug so I took advantage of the free exchanges and went with a size EU42 instead. At 33″ inseam, they are an ankle length look on me which I don’t mind since I like to wear flats.

Clothing for Tall Women France - Tuxedo Stripe Pants from Grandemary Paris

Final Thoughts

I REALLY REALLY want tall brands like Grandemary Paris to stay around and to thrive! It’s rare that I love every single item from a tall brand’s collection but that is certainly the case with this one. So if you’re in the mood to support a super cool indie tall brand, I say give this one a try!

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