Zivaano Sneakers Review

Zivaano Sneakers Review – Cute, Comfy & Colorful!

You know what’s the worst?! Uncomfortable shoes! I made a BIG mistake in my recent 2.5 months of suitcase living by only packing one pair of marginally comfortable sneakers thinking I could get by with them. Well guess what?!? I grew to LOATHE them because they had minimal support and dug into my heels. Epic packing fail! As soon as I got to my new house in Germany and realized there were TONS of amazing walking paths in my neighborhood, I wasted no time in ordering these colorful beauties from Netherlands-based large-size shoe brand Zivaano. I’d had my eyes on these fun sneakers for months and am quite thrilled with them. Read on for my full Zivaano sneakers review.

Usually when I get a new pair of shoes, I try to ease into wearing them. Well I didn’t have that luxury with these since I’d already thrown away that other wretched pair of shoes. The first time I wore the Zivaano sneakers, I walked 2.5 miles/4 km and they were gloriously comfy and supportive! Such a relief! The footbed is very cushy and I would say they are a generous “normal” width so they are roomy and don’t feel too tight anywhere. They did rub a tiny bit on my heel but nothing too serious. As for sizing, I went with my normal EU size of 43 (I’m usually an 11 or 11.5 in U.S. sizing).

What makes this purchase even better is that I got to do one of my favorite things…support a female-owned small business that caters to us tall ladies. Zivaano is owned by the lovely Vivien who designs the shoes which are then handmade in a small factory in Europe. Zivaano offers a full range of beautiful, trendy styles (boots, sandals, flats and more) between sizes EU42/UK8/US10 to EU46/UK12/US14 and ships internationally! 

So far, I’ve worn these shoes with my striped linen Boden dress while exploring the beautiful city of Regensburg and also with my grey skinny jeans from At Last Denim and custom-made lace top from Kit while exploring the quaint town of Bayreuth. Even though the shoes are colorful, I still feel like they’re versatile enough to wear with most things!

Zivaano Sneakers Review

Hope you enjoyed my Zivaano sneaker review. I look forward to buying more from this brand and will be sure to share more about my future purchases!


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