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I feel like I have found my unicorn tall skinny jeans. My rocky relationship with skinny jeans is well documented so imagine my excitement when I found a pair that ticked ALL of the boxes. Responsibly made? Yep! 36″ inseam? Yep! High rise with just the right amount of stretch? Mmm-hmm! Tall fashion newcomer At Last Denim has certainly knocked it out of the park with these ethically made tall jeans!

At Last Denim is a US-based brand that launched in 2020 by the fabulous 5’11 Ashley. As is often the case with people who decide to start their own business, she saw a need in the tall space for well fitting responsibly made denim and decided to take matters into her own hands by providing them to all of us tall ladies. How lucky are we?! At Last offers its jeans in lengths ranging from 33 to 38 inseam and sizes ranging from 25 to 33. It currently offers skinny jeans in 5 different washes but keep an eye out because new styles will be launching soon!

Denim manufacturing is known for being very hard on the environment but At Last has taken steps to minimize the impact that its denim has. How? I’m glad you asked!

  • At Last denim is made from responsibly grown cotton
  • The jeans are made in a factory that has been recognized globally for its ethical and sustainable practices
  • These practices include eco-friendly washing techniques that save a bunch of water compared to the amount traditionally used and waterless bleaching which helps reduce the use of chemicals by 80%. Read even more about At Last’s commitment to sustainability here
  • At Last’s labels are made with organic cotton and its packaging is made from 100% recycled materials.

I asked At Last’s founder Ashley how she went about finding the factory she uses and here’s what she said “Finding a factory was hard! I was looking for someone who didn’t talk down to me because I’m a women OR because I’m new to all of this and that was hard!! Then I was looking to see how ethical they were, making jeans is harsh on the environment so making sure I was asking the right questions about new technology and what they were doing to reduce their impact was key! I found a brand new factory that even has a rating for how ethically it was built and they have all brand new technology that really reduces waste.” What a great find!

Now let’s talk about fit. The grey skinny jeans that I bought are a true high rise style and the waist comes almost up to my belly button. At Last was sold out of my size in the 34 inseam length (which I prefer for skinnies) so I opted for the 36 inseam with my normal waist size of 30. The jeans feel amazing on thanks to the great fit and the very soft cotton blend fabric with just the right amount of stretch. I will definitely be buying more ethically made tall jeans from this brand!

Here are two ways that I styled the jeans:

Outfit 1:

At Last Denim Grey Skinny Jeans
Button-up silk shirt from Marge Clothing (now sadly out of business)
Scoop Neck Tank from Amalli Talli
Flats – Pretty Ballerinas

Outfit 2:

At Last Denim Grey Skinny Jeans
Allta Blazer (c/o)
Scoop Neck Tank from Amalli Talli
Ankle Boots from Otto+Ivy

Otto+Ivy Boots

Review of Otto+Ivy Tilly Boots

For more tall ethical fashion info, check out the list of tall+ethical shops I just put together here. And check out all the reviews in my Thoughtful Shopping Series here.

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