5 tips finding tall maternity clothes

5 Tips for Finding Tall Maternity Clothes

Ahhhh…tall maternity clothes! As if finding clothes for our long frames isn’t already hard enough, imagine also navigating how on God’s green earth one is supposed to dress a body that is ever changing and growing during pregnancy…all while feeling very hormonal about it. It’s enough to make one want to scream…and then immediately drown one’s fashion stress in a pint of ice cream (preferably Ben & Jerry’s Milk and Cookies). Figuring out the best tall maternity styles is definitely no easy task. But I did happen upon a few hacks along the way, and I’m here to share my top tips.

*Edited to add* – Here are some brands that offer tall maternity items in case you don’t have time to read this whole article. 

Elevated Closet

Long Tall Sally

Tip 1: Try on everything

OK…this tip is obviously a bit vague so let me explain. Don’t just assume your normal clothes won’t fit you anymore. Keep playing dress-up with the clothing in your closet as you go along in your pregnancy and you might be surprised by what still fits. For example, I couldn’t believe that this size small black and white non-maternity maxi dress fit me throughout my WHOLE pregnancy. Just for reference, I gained 40 lbs total and birthed an almost 10 lb baby…that’s a lot of tumkins to fit into a non-maternity dress but somehow it worked.

Tall maternity maxi dress

Almost 8 months pregnant and baby mooning in Malibu

And this is me 5 days before giving birth in a flowy thermal swing top that tall brand Amalli Talli kindly gifted me because they thought it might be a great tall maternity item and also comfy for postpartum wear. They were right on both accounts! (Looking back at this pic, I was past my due date and remember being sooooo ready to get this show on the road)! Speaking of Amalli Talli, check out their blog posts on tall maternity clothes here and here

Just for fun, here I am 10 days postpartum in the same top.

This organic cotton shift dress from People Tree was also a maternity favorite. I bought it in Germany just before I moved back to the US. I was only a few months pregnant at that point and not really showing yet, but I bought a size larger than normal so I’d have a little more room. I actually don’t mind the larger size now that I’ve lost all the weight especially since I don’t like to wear constricting clothing in the heat of summer. Ain’t nobody got time for that! 

4th of July outfit – People Tree dress – 5 months pregnant


Tip 2: Search for Pre-Owned Tall Maternity Clothes in Local Facebook Buy/Sell Groups and Thrift Stores

We all know that maternity clothes can be expensive and tall maternity items even more so. If you can find gently used maternity items in your local area, pounce on them immediately! I was lucky enough to find some local buy/sell groups on Facebook and you would not believe the items I scored! First, let me say that you should completely disregard the height of the person you’re planning to buy from and focus solely on what size they wear. I was floored that some of the items I wore on repeat while pregnant came from two ladies who were both A WHOLE FOOT shorter than me.

Behold this super cute maxi dress that still had the tags on it!

Another versatile favorite in my second-hand tall maternity arsenal was this black swing tank. I’m pretty sure the 5’2 person I bought it from wore it as a dress. But for me, it was the perfect top and I STILL wear it even though I’ve lost almost all of my baby weight.

10 days from when I gave birth!

And speaking of wearing dresses as tops, that leads me to my 3rd tip!

Tip 3: Wear Dresses as Tops

Wearing dresses as tops is certainly a tried and true tall girl hack, but it seems to come in particularly handy when one has a bun in the oven. I found this Ann Taylor maternity dress for $1.00 at a thrift store and thought “oh..that’ll make a super cute top to wear with leggings!” and indeed it did. This dress also gets bonus points for being 100% cotton.

Tip 4: Maxi dresses are your best friend

I’ll admit that I’m partial to maxi dresses. I don’t love showing my legs and a well-fitting maxi dress that still shows my figure without showing my legs is basically my fav. I ended up buying 6 maternity maxi dresses from various brands to get me through the summer in the California desert (3 from Motherhood Maternity, 1 from Pea in the Pod, 1 made-in-UK dress from Tiffany Rose and 1 made-in-US dress from Savi Mom).  But here’s why maternity maxis are your best friend…it turns out you can wear them postpartum and nobody will guess that they’re actually maternity dresses. Not only do they still look great but they’re way longer because your baby bump isn’t taking up space anymore. I love this newly discovered tall girl hack so much that I’m seriously considering buying a few more maternity maxis. You think I’m joking? I’m not! 

The desert really is gorgeous in its own way

Same black maternity dress worn 8 months after giving birth

I also bought the same style as the black Motherhood Maternity dress above in a blue print and orange print. Here’s the blue one.

Wore this Motherhood Maternity maxi a bajillion times while pregs and a bajillion times the summer after I had my baby

I wore this Pea in the Pod maxi dress a ton while pregnant and felt so pretty in it! I still wear it on the regular because I’m so in love with the print and colors.


Barefoot and pregnant. Hah! Wore this bright blue tall maternity maxi dress while babymooning in Malibu, CA. It’s nursing friendly too! 

This ethically-made maxi from UK-based Tiffany Rose was my biggest maternity splurge. I loved having a pretty dress to wear out to dinner and to a couple of other special events. I also wore it when I had nowhere special to go but just wanted to feel extra pretty. When I read that the dress was TOO LONG in some of the reviews, I knew I had to have it. It’s actually so long that I had to wear it with heels. Crazy for a non-tall maxi, right?

5 months pregnant here

Tip 5: Swing Tops Are Also Your Best Friend

I already showed you a couple of non-maternity swing tops under Tips 1 and 2 above but also loved this made-in-the-US floral swing top that I found on Amazon. It looked great with either jeans or leggings. It also comes in a TON of prints and, similar to my maternity maxis, I’ve continued to wear this top over a year after having my baby. This brand, Popana, has different but similar styles as well (sleeveless, long sleeve etc.)

Just a few days before baby was born

Bonus Tip! Maternity Tanks are Also Your Best Friend

You know how I had the revelation that some maternity maxis still look great even after you’ve had the baby? This is also the case with some maternity tanks.  I still wear this one from Ingrid and Isabella out and about and wear several others to sleep in. 

There ya have it! My top tips for finding tall maternity clothes. What are your fave tall maternity styles or hacks?

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