Maxi dress for tall women from Long Tall Sally

Tall Travel Style – 2017 Edition

Is it just me or did 2017 absolutely fly by? For me, it’s certainly been a whirlwind (albeit a whirlwind in the good sense). I just had a chance to look back at my photos from last year and loved reliving the memories of our last full year of living in Europe. I say last full year because we’ll be moving back to the U.S. later this year (but more on that later). I realized I only did two measly Tall Travel Style write-ups last year so I thought it’d be fun to show some highlights of how I wore my tall fashion whilst out and about on my travels.

Bordeaux France – March 2017

In March, we took the train to Bordeaux. It was a rather leisurely trip with a little bit of wine country exploration one day and then a bit of wandering (and a whole lot of eating) around the town of Bordeaux itself.

Remember my “4 Items to Buy in 2017” post? Two of the 4 categories were prints and tunics so I’d say I hit the jackpot with this printed tunic from Serbia-based brand IVKO. I wore it one day on a wine tour in the Bordeaux region with black jeans and then another day as a dress with tights. Click here for a full review of the tunic.

Exploring the Bordeaux wine region in my new fav responsibly made tunic from IVKO.

IVKO Wool Sweater Dress

I promise I didn’t only wear my IVKO tunic while in Bordeaux (although I love it so much that I’d wear it every day if I could). I also brought my trusty Banana Republic tall trench coat which came in handy on this particularly dreary, drizzly day.

Tall Trench Coat Banana Republic

Strolling the streets of Bordeaux in my Banana Republic tall trench

San Sebastian, Spain – March 2017

We left Bordeaux and took an easy train ride to San Sebastian. Upon arrival, we were immediately greeted with gentle sunshine, ocean breezes, palm tree sightings (actually palm trees AND tulips together…be still my heart!), friendly locals and amazing food. This town quickly became one of my all-time favorite places in Europe!

Tulips and palm trees together!

Loved watching the waves crash on the rocks

On our first day, I wore my super old Banana Republic tall skinny jeans, Long Tall Sally striped shirt and J.Crew tall field jacket as we strolled along the water and got the lay of the land. I loved taking in the ocean views and watching the water crash on the rocks. The ocean is definitely one of my happy places. When I’m by the water, time seems to slow down and I feel so at peace.

Tall J.Crew Jacket

Exploring San Sebastian beaches in my J.Crew Tall Field Jacket

Later, it was warm enough to ditch the jacket for a fun bike ride around town. Exploring places by bike has become one of my favorite activities.

Long Tall Sally striped shirt

Riding bikes in San Sebastian

The next day, we were greeted with a picture perfect warm day and decided to do a 12k (7.5 mile) hike from San Sebastian along the coastal cliffs to the fishing village of Pasaia. The trail is part of one of the the Camino de Santiago routes (or St. James Way) that people walk when they want to make a pilgrimage to Santiago where St. James’ remains are supposedly buried. The views were breathtaking and we also got a good workout!

I wore my Elle Mayers tall activewear – leggings and top. Elle Mayers was one of the first tall brands I tried when I started blogging in 2011. Elle Mayers is sadly no longer in business, but the fact that I’m STILL wearing these items is a testament to the quality. I so wish this company was still in business. This is why we need to support tall small businesses!

Activewear for tall women

Hiking part of the Camino de Santiago from San Sebastian to the village of Pasia.

No visit to San Sebastian is complete without trying some Pintxos. Pintxos are the local version of tapas and were traditionally eaten earlier in the evening as a bridge between lunch and dinner (which makes sense since Spaniards usually start dinner rather late). These days some people just hop from bar to bar in the quaint narrow streets of the old town and make a meal of it. This mini Kobe burger, while not a traditional Pinto, was one of my fav bites.

Tall Field Jacket J.Crew

I could eat Pintxos all day and night in San Sebastian!

Quaint old town streets in San Sebastian

Paris – May 2017

In May, one of my friends from California flew to Paris so naturally I hopped on the train to meet her there because Paris is always a good idea, right? Surprise! I wore my tall Banana Republic trench coat again while exploring the city.

Banana Republic Tall Trench Coat

Wandering around Paris

I paired the coat with the tall Mavi white jeans that I bought at Dutch tall shop Pretty Tall. I felt super chic and springy in this neutral outfit.

On another day, I fulfilled one of my dreams of picnicking in Paris (with a view of the Eiffel Tower to boot) while wearing a top from (now out of biz…ugh!) MARGE Clothing and my beloved Pink Maharani scarf.

Dream of picnicking in a Paris park fulfilled (and with a great view of the Eiffel Tower to boot).

Spring in Paris was pretty dreamy and I’m happy I was able to see it during this time of the year.

Hamburg/Husum, Germany – May 2017

I’ve felt a strong draw to norther Germany ever since we moved here (probably because it’s where my ancestors are from) and was so happy to have the chance to visit Hamburg and Husum in May. The weather was mild so I was able to wear my made-in-Germany dress from the brand Leibschneider, my tall Hudson denim jacket and my Pretty Ballerinas animal print flats.

Made in Germany dress for tall women

Pretty door in Hamburg

Here’s a closer look at the dress (and one of Hamburg’s beautiful canals). Anytime I can be on the water (whether it be a canal, river, lake or ocean), I am a happy camper.

Made in Germany dress for tall women

One of the highlights of this trip was taking the train from Hamburg to Husum, a fishing village on the North Sea wayyyyy up in northern Germany (almost to Denmark) where my great-grandmother was born. I sported my made-in-the-UK navy blazer from tall brand North Clothing , a  striped cotton/linen tee that I’d bought the day before from tall shop I Love Tall in Hamburg and my new scarf from Indi&Cold. Blazers were another one of my top items to buy in 2017 and as you’ll see, I’ve been getting A LOT of wear out of this blazer.

Tall navy blazer from North Clothing Co

Waiting for our train to Husum

Husum was such a cute town. I couldn’t get enough of the cheery bright buildings, darling little streets and the refreshing sea breezes. I kept imagining my great-grandmother there as a child. I was only able to spend a few hours in this town but am so happy to have had the experience to connect a bit with my family history.

Tall striped shirt I Love Tall Hamburg

Visiting my great-grandma’s hometown of Husum

One of my favorite memories from 2017 was not finding a seat on a crowded regional train from Husum back to Hamburg which forced me to stand with my head out the window for 2 hours in an attempt to cool off in the stuffy train. I couldn’t be on my phone (lest I drop it out the window) and loved watching the uninterrupted Schleswig-Holstein countryside speed by all the while imagining what life must have been like when my great-grandma lived in the area. Sometimes seemingly unpleasant occurrences (like not finding a seat on a train) make for the best memories/experiences! I was SO happy to be wearing my breathable cotton/linen striped tee to combat the temperatures in the overcrowded train.

Striped shirt from I Love Tall Hamburg

Standing room only on the train from Husum to Hamburg

Pfalz, Germany – July 2017

Have you ever ridden an e-bike? I did for the first time on this trip while exploring the Deutsche Weinstraße (German Wine Route) in the Pfalz area and am hooked! You still get a decent workout but can go so much further and can zoom up hills like nobody’s business. I wore my activewear jacket from (now closed) tall brand Elle Mayers and BR tall skinny jeans. I couldn’t believe it was cool enough to wear so much clothing on July 4 weekend. Summer weather in Germany is so moody but I’ll take cool July weather over blazing summer heat any day!!

I loved this cute side street in the town Neustadt an der Weinstraße that we ducked down on the way to dinner. I wore a dress that I’d bought on my recent trip to Hamburg. Dresses are always tricky for me since I’m a size small on top and large on the bottom. In Hamburg, I visited the boutique Paul+Piske where you can watch the clothing being sewn only a couple doors down from the boutique! 6’5 Anna, who co-owns the shop with her mother, helped me pick a flattering dress style in a larger size to accommodate my bottom half and then had the seamstress take the top in that same day. Because of my proportions, I usually gravitate toward fit-and-flare styles but sometimes I do want a more fitted style. I don’t think I’ve ever had a fitted dress fit me so perfectly. I highly recommend a visit to this boutique if you’re in the Hamburg area!

Tall dress Paul Piske Hamburg

Strolling to dinner in Neustadt

On another night, I wore my MARGE Clothing skirt and blouse and Pretty Ballerinas flats for dinner. As you can see, it was quite breezy at sunset time but how lovely is the town square in Neustadt?!

MARGE Clothing outfit for tall women

Slightly breezy evening in Neustadt

Road Tripping Through France (Loire Valley, Bourges and Burgundy)- September 2017

In September, our friends came to visit and we spent 10 days road tripping around France. The first part of our trip was in the western Loire Valley where we checked out a bunch of chateaus. When I don’t feel like figuring out what to wear in France, I always go with stripes, a blazer, a pretty scarf and black jeans. You probably already recognize my North Clothing blazer and striped shirt from I Love Tall Clothing from my Husum trip, right? We had fun exploring the beautiful Chateau d’Usse which was the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty (except all the mannequins inside the chateau kind of creeped me out).

Tall Blazer North Clothing Co.

Exploring Chateau d’Usse

I Love Tall Hamburg Striped Top

For the first part of the trip, we stayed in the quaint town of Saumur on the Loire River. On this sunny day, I wore my chambray button-up from Long Elegant Legs, white sleeveless top from MARGE Clothing and scarf from Pink Maharani. It was the perfect outfit for mild early autumn weather.

Tall Chambray Top Long Elegant Legs

Enjoying beautiful Saumur

Quaint side streets in small French towns get me every time and the two towns in the below photos (Fontrevault Abbey and Montreuil Bellay was no exception! I’m wearing my Modee navy blue sweater set from JuNi Fashion Frankfurt. I love the tank top’s flattering scoop neck and the lonnngggg sleeves on the sweater! As an added bonus, the fabric on both the tank and sweater is very comfy.

Navy fall sweater set from JuNi Fashion

Tall fall sweaters from JuNI Fashion

Hmmm… I wonder what’s behind this door? We explored yet another chateau and its gardens on our last day in the Loire Valley – the beautiful Chateau Rivau. The owners actually live in this place. Can you imagine?! I think my IVKO tunic looks just as good  with my 38″ inseam MAVI white jeans as it does with black jeans or tights. And as you can tell, I clearly don’t believe in the “no white after Labor Day rule.

Dreamy gardens at Chateau d’Rivau

Sometimes mistakes turn into unexpectedly wonderful experiences. We messed up the dates on our hotel reservation for the next leg of our trip in Sancerre and ended up booking a charming place in the town of Bourges instead. I had never heard of this town but ended up loving the grand cathedral, all the medieval, timbered buildings and walking around the Marais (marshlands) with its 100s of little garden plots set along canals. I wore my v-neck sweater from JuNi Fashion for the first time and loved it. Click here for a full review of the sweater.

Tall v-neck sweater from JuNi Fashion

JuNi Fashion tall sweaters for fall

Quaint streets of Bourges

Quaint streets of Bourges

One of our hobbies is definitely food and when one is in Burgundy, there is no shortage of opportunities to partake of various delicacies. We took the train from Beaune to the teensy town of Chagny with our friends to have an amazing lunch at Maison Lameloise. The anticipation built as we walked through the sleepy village until we came to the restaurant. This was our first 3 Michelin Star meal and it did not disappoint. I was thrilled that it was warm enough to wear my made-to-measure gingham dress from Tailors Tale. I feel so fortunate that we work hard and are able to afford these experiences every now and again.

Custom made gingham dress for tall women

Full and happy after a delicious lunch at LaMeloise

Mallorca, Spain – October 2017

I’ve been DYING to go to Mallorca for awhile and was thrilled that we made this trip in October. On our first day there, we wasted no time in swimming in the Mediterranean for the first time and it was glorious. I had only been in Mallorca for a few hours when this photo was taken but was already in love as evidenced by the huge grin on my face! How can you not love a place like this with such lovely sunsets and sea views? I’m wearing my Long Tall Sally mixed print maxi which I have worn on SO many occasions since I bought it 2 years ago!

Maxi dress for tall women from Long Tall Sally

Enjoying the sunset in Mallorca in my Long Tall Sally maxi dress

Maxi dress for tall women from Long Tall Sally

Enjoying the sunset in Mallorca in my Long Tall Sally maxi dress

The next day, we woke up at 6 a.m. to drive across Mallorca to Formentor Lighthouse – the northernmost tip of the island. The road is narrow and windy and full of cyclists, tourist buses and cars later in the day so we opted for the super early option to avoid all that and it ended up being perfect!! I wore another Long Tall Sally dress and kind of stuck out since the other people we encountered at the lighthouse were in activewear but I didn’t care one bit!

Shirt dress for tall women from Long Tall Sally

Watching the sunrise in Mallorca in my Long Tall Sally shirt dress

It was a bit windy at the top, but the sunrise views were amazing. This was hands down one of my favorite memories of 2017.

Shirt dress for tall women from Long Tall Sally

Watching the sunrise in Mallorca in my Long Tall Sally shirt dress

The next day, we drove across Mallorca and had a bit of a hike to this cove (Caló des Moro) but it was SO worth it. It was the clearest, most turquoisey water I’ve ever seen and so amazing to swim in. I decided my LTS button-up maxi could also serve as a swimsuit coverup and it worked out great. Button-up maxis are definitely in my top 5 fav clothing items!

Maxi Dress from Long Tall Sally

The most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen!

Porto, Portugal – November 2017

It seems we certainly saved the best for last in 2017 since, like Mallorca, Porto was a location I’d been dying to visit. We ended up going for Thanksgiving weekend. While it was certainly a different experience from our normal turkey and taters, it was a welcome experience. Porto is an interesting mix of old and gritty with new which adds to its appeal and charm.

It’s safe to say that this exact outfit with my North Clothing Co. blazer paired with my striped shirt from I Love Tall and a fun scarf was one of my favorite looks for 2017 since this is the 3rd time it’s showing up in this write-up. That lively colorful city behind me is Porto.

Pink Maharani cashmere scarf

One of the things I was most excited about seeing in Porto were the tiled facades and interiors and they did not disappoint. On this day, I was twinning with the beautiful tiles in my blue/white outfit – Indi & Cold scarf, navy Modee Fashion cardi from JuNi Fashion and Tallwater jeans.

Navy blue sweater set for tall women from JuNi Fashion

Couldn’t get enough of the tiled buildings in Porto

Finally another look with my North Clothing Co. blazer besides my striped shirt and jeans! I paired it with my dress from Hamburg shop Paul+Piske and it looked perfect!

North Clothing Blazer and Paul Piske Dress

Taking in the scenes in Porto

Another thing that was perfect were the views along the Duoro River.

Dallas Texas – December 2017

My final trip of the year was to the U.S. for Christmas. In a span of 2 weeks, I hit Dallas, Orlando and Southern California to visit family. I only packed carry-on luggage but still managed to put together some outfits that I loved.

I hadn’t been to Texas since I drove through with the fam as a kid  so it was awesome spending a few days in the Dallas area visiting my sister and her family. We had a super fun morning exploring the funky Dallas Bishop Arts District. I loved the pretty murals, cute shops, eateries and OMG the mac-n-cheese grilled cheese I had for lunch was the best thing ever!!! I wore my Talltique faux leather jacket, sheer plaid shirt and skinny jeans, both from Banana Republic, Modee Fashion layering tank from JuNi Fashion and Pretty Ballerinas flats.

Mac-n-cheese INSIDE my grilled cheese. My life will never be the same!

Faux leather jacket for tall women Talltique

Another cool mural in the Bishop Arts District

And you know what they say…everything is bigger in Texas…including this huge Christmas tree in the tiny adorable town of McKinney.

That’s a wrap on my 2017 tall travel style. I hope you enjoyed coming along with me on my adventures! Stay tuned for more shenanigans in 2018.

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  • Reply Sara January 8, 2018 at 2:20 pm

    Oh my! When you pile it all together like that, it’s a wonder you had time to shop at all. What a fabulous year (so glad it was such a good one for you.)
    Can’t wait to see what this one brings! Sara x

    • Reply Tall Fashion Adventures January 8, 2018 at 8:41 pm

      Yes! I got a little tired writing it. Hah! It really was a great year and I am also excited to see what 2018 holds.

  • Reply Paula January 10, 2018 at 3:45 am

    Did you ever imagine 10 years ago that you would be looking back on a year so full of adventure and wonderful happenings? Actually, more like 3 years! It will be exciting to see what the future holds for you when you’re back in the USA:)

    • Reply Tall Fashion Adventures January 10, 2018 at 9:07 am

      No! I seriously never imagined this would be my life. It’s so crazy and I feel so fortunate to have these experiences!

  • Reply Meagan Funk January 13, 2018 at 1:48 am

    Wow it looks like you had some amazing adventures in 2017! Love all of your pictures. Super cute clothes.

    • Reply Tall Fashion Adventures January 13, 2018 at 4:43 pm

      Thanks so much! It was indeed a fun year!

  • Reply Renee January 14, 2018 at 9:35 pm

    It’s all so magical! You definitely nailed each

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