Made in the USA Talltique tall maxi skirt

Made in the USA – Talltique Private Label

I’m thrilled to be back with another edition of my new Made In… Series. This time I am chatting with Helen Pappas, the owner of the Bethesda, MD based tall brand Talltique, about her made-in-the-USA Private Label items. If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you’ve undoubtedly seen me express my love for my Talltique faux leather bomber jacket  that I bought awhile back. Helen kindly gifted me a Tall Crinkle Maxi Skirt from the Private Label to try, and I am so pleased with it!

Talltique maxi skirt for tall women

Love how it floats just above the ground!

Talltique made in the USA maxi skirt for tall women Talltique made in the USA maxi skirt for tall women

First, let me start by saying that I had to take this 49″ long skirt to the tailor to get a good deal of length TAKEN OFF. How often does this happen for us tall ladies?! Almost never, right? The beauty of the Talltique Private Label is that Helen caters to tall ladies all the way up to the height of 6’10.  Besides the glorious length, I find this skirt to be quite versatile since the elastic waistband allows the skirt to be worn either high on the waist with flats or a little lower on the waist to accommodate for heels thus allowing it to easily be dressed up or down. The crinkle style is really great for traveling because you can just shove the skirt in your suitcase and not worry about wrinkles since it’s meant to have some texture and crinkles. My favorite kind of travel item! And speaking of texture and crinkles, I love how the skirt moves and flows really nicely as you can see in the photos.
Made in the USA Talltique tall maxi skirt

Made in the USA Talltique tall maxi skirt

Made in the USA Talltique tall maxi skirt

Now let’s hear what Helen has to say about the Talltique Private Label.

I’m happy to share some info about our Private Label. I always strive to consider the entire chain of production of our clothes, from design to delivery in the customers hands. Regarding design I like to start thinking about items that are not easily accessible for tall women, and that is the basis of what I design myself for my Talltique Private Label items. This comes easily for me, being 6’4″ and having a personal knowledge of what’s in the market.

I want our items to be produced both ethically and with a focus on quality and length. My goal is to provide versatile items for ladies 5’10”-6’10″+, that work both being dressed up and dressed down, that will last my customers for years.

Price also plays a big factor when I bring my customers into this thought process. It’s a balancing act trying to keep all of these pieces in mind, but we’ve managed to make it work thus far!

Two pieces that I’m very proud of have been our Tall Crinkle Maxi Skirts and our 38″ & 40″ Tall Leggings. These items have been worn by customers up to 6’10”, and I’m delighted that these items are made in the U.S.. Our leggings are made locally with love, and our skirts are made on the East Coast as well. It’s wonderful to have a personal relationship with these manufacturers, and I’m glad to be producing quality items that I’m so proud of. These are not produced in large factories, but rather by smaller companies who are experts in the ideal fabrics for the styles. It gives us a better result and the best quality for the price!

I am working on widening the scope of our US based products, with more versatile options. Two items I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of are Talltique Private Label palazzo pants in extended inseams.**And a “little black dress” style that is perfect for many occasions. (**TFA note – Since my conversation with Helen, the palazzo pants are now available)!

I recognize that as tall women, though we may have height in common, we come in all shapes and sizes. In designing our Talltique Private Label I consider different body shapes like hourglass, apple, pear, straight etc. I also take into account how a style would work across a spectrum of sizes, from size 2 to size 20.

Once an item has been sampled, I make sure of the fit by trying it on ladies of different heights, shapes and sizes to find what works best for everyone. I go for the most universally flattering items that look amazing across these different body types and sizes.

I’m always thrilled when both new and returning customers reach out to me. Many times it’s to say how confident they feel knowing their clothes look great. Or, how impressed they are at the perfect fit they’ve found. It is the most gratifying to hear things like “I cried tears of joy when I tried my first order on” and “I’ve never in my life worn anything so long!” Or “I love that I can rock heels with this maxi skirt… And it still hits the floor!” I aim to shift the negative perception about things that we as tall women are limited to. Things that we previously couldn’t wear, couldn’t do or couldn’t shop for. Talltique is here to show all tall ladies that you CAN buy flattering clothes, you CAN be comfortable while still looking great, you CAN wear heels with everything (if you want to!) and you CAN look and feel your best in Talltique.

Thanks so much to Helen for sharing her vision of the Talltique Private Label. I really love how in tune she is with all of us tall ladies no matter our shape or size, and I admire her commitment to thoughtful manufacturing. I also appreciate that Talltique is one of the few tall brands to offer in-person shopping so if you’re ever in the DC/Bethesda area, be sure to get in touch with Helen.

And because I adore this maxi skirt so much, I just can’t help but end with a few more photos!

Made in the USA Talltique tall maxi skirt

Made in the USA Talltique tall maxi skirt

Made in the USA Talltique tall maxi skirt Made in the USA Talltique tall maxi skirt

Talltique Private Label maxi skirt - Made in the USA Talltique Private Label maxi skirt - Made in the USA

Skirt provided c/o Talltique.

Your turn…

Do you love maxi dresses and skirts? How do you usually style them? Is it important to you that an item be made in a country where you trust the production standards?





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