Amalli Talli Made in the USA Private Label Maxi Dress

Made-in-the-USA – Amalli Talli Private Label

Ever wonder if there is any tall clothing made in the USA? To kick off my new series Made in…, which highlights where tall clothing companies make their items, I am featuring Amalli Talli’s private label. Amalli Talli is owned by the fabulous tall sister duo Amy and Alli. Last year, Amalli Talli launched its first private label collection consisting of two maxi skirts, a maxi dress (with a slit…my all-time fav maxi style) and a jumpsuit. Read below to get an inside glimpse from Amy on the development of Amalli Talli’s made-in-the-USA private label including info on new items (a button-down chambray shirt, romper and another maxi dress!) which will be available very soon.

We did launch our private label in 2016 after repeated requests from customers for certain types of merchandise that was impossible to source from other vendors (trust me, we canvassed the country trying!). Plus, we have had frustrations at times with some vendors regarding their sizing and what size options are available.  We felt like it was definitely worthwhile to pursue our own designs and thus have more control over lengths & sizes that we could offer our customers. Finding a manufacturer is a little daunting without a doubt, but after several conversations with many factories both in the US and abroad, we settled on a factory in northern California to produce our first three pieces (maxi skirts, a maxi dress and our jumpsuit). Unfortunately there’s not a super interesting reason as to why we settled on this particular factory, other than it was US-based and we had a good connection with them during our initial conversations. They seemed to best understand our vision and the niche we are producing for.

Tall clothing made in the USA - Tall maxi dress from Amalli Talli

Look how long this maxi dress is!

Tall clothing made in the USA - Jumpsuit from Amalli Talli

Jumpsuit from Amalli Talli’s first Private Label collection

Tall clothing made in the USA - Amalli Talli Maxi Skirt

The length of this maxi skirt is so perfect!

The reaction and customer support have been great – and we are now quickly adding to the list of items that we are producing.   We have worked with local apparel designers in the Minneapolis area to create our designs, and going forward we are actually manufacturing them locally within the Twin Cities as well.

As I mentioned, we have based our designs mostly from customer feedback and requests that we get ….. and there’s been enough for a pretty sizeable list!

The designer currently working with us has a rich design background, she has her own clothing line and has even been featured in Italian Vogue!  So we are really fortunate to have her expertise and experience on board.  She has been instrumental in fit and helping with fabrics (more to come on that!). Next up we will be adding a romper, a button down chambray shirt and a maxi dress.  Fall 2017 is also underway, and we are currently working on some preliminary design ideas already!

The designers use body measurements from both myself & Alli so that we are representing the spectrum of “tall”, which is a core belief for us with everything we do given the height and proportion differences even between us.  So whether it’s providing different inseam options or skirt lengths, we remain focused on trying to cater to the range of heights of women who shop with us.

Sourcing fabrics can actually be one of the more challenging parts of the production process for us, as that can also make or break a garment obviously.  We’ve partnered with a small business from the Midwest who represents several fabric providers within the United States (mostly on the east coast), and they’ve been a great resource for us.  For other projects, we’ve hit the streets and started to shop local businesses (again within the Twin Cities) to find selections that work for our needs.  It’s really been dependent on the specific garment we are trying to produce, and what we can find that fits our list of criteria (color, weight, material type, pattern/solid, yardage needed, etc).  It’s our goal to be as cognizant of price point as we possibly can be, so we strive to find the best quality fabrics at the best possible price point.  More than once, we have created a sample garment out of fabric and opted to go a different direction, so sampling the fabric is crucial.

We definitely see this as the direction our business is heading, and we look forward to adding to our private label collection.  As always, we welcome all ideas and requests so we constantly encourage people to communicate with us in whatever way they prefer, whether it’s email, social media, etc!

Thanks a bunch to Amy for giving us a look inside the process for creating a tall clothing line. I am very excited to see what is next from Amalli Talli. Make sure to sign up for Amalli Talli’s email list so you can be the first to know about new items. Here are a few more pretty pics of the current private label collection.

Tall Made in the USA Maxi Dress from Amalli Talli's Private Label collection Tall Made in the USA Maxi Skirt from Amalli Talli's Private Label collection

Amalli Talli made in the USA private collection for tall women

All images in this post are used by permission from Amalli Talli. 

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