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Studying my Closet – 4 Items to Buy in 2017

Do you ever stand in your closet and stare at your clothes? I know this probably sounds kind of weird and I don’t typically make a habit of it, but I found myself doing so the other day. I wanted to study the items in my closet that I find myself reaching for again and again when it’s time to get dressed so that I can figure out what I should buy this year. Here are a few things I noticed…

I’m loving button-ups lately (and bonus points if they have patterns or texture!)

I used to think buttons-up shirts were stuffy and serious and meant to be worn under suits…until I bought my beloved sheer plaid button-up shirt and realized how many ways I could wear it – tucked into jeans with a belt, layered under a pullover sweater, over a spaghetti strap dress and tied at the waist…the list goes on and on.

Tall fashion blog travel style

And it’s not just my plaid button-up I’m loving. I also adore my silk button-up blouse from MARGE Clothing. The dotted style of the fabric adds some major pizzazz, texture and interest and I feel like there are endless ways to style it!

MARGE Clothing Silk ANNI Top

Marge Clothing Giveaway

MARGE Clothing Outfit - Thoughtful Shopping

Button-ups also make a perfect top layer over a tank top when left unbuttoned. I’ve tried this look a couple of times and have been quite happy with the outfits I’ve put together. Both of the tank tops in these looks are quite clingy and I wouldn’t necessarily be comfortable wearing them on their own tucked into skinny jeans (just too much tightness in one outfit for me). I feel much more confident with the button-up as a security blanket of sorts.

Tall blogger

Bonkers for blazers!

My preconceived notions about blazers being boring and blah and purely for businesswear were similar to my wrongful assumptions about button-ups. Once I moved away from Southern California 6 years ago and lived in places with actual seasons that require more layering than just a sundress over a swimsuit, I realized that blazers were a perfect outer layer for fall and spring and a perfect second or third layer under a coat for winter. I’m always on the hunt for blazers in interesting colors or fabrics but this seems to be quite hard to find in the tall-sized clothing world. I am quite pleased with my blue herringbone blazer that I bought from Long Tall Sally in 2015.

Long Tally Sally Outfit - Tall Blazer, Lace Top, Chelsea Boots

Tall Herringbone Tweed Blazer

Another favorite is my grey blazer which I’ve had for several years.

And of course, a black blazer is a staple in every closet!  (Can you tell I’m slightly obsessed with this black/white graphic skirt?)

Pattern mixing polka dots

Three Cheers for Tunics

I DEFINITELY need more tunics and long sweaters in my life! I wear this Long Tall Sally (c/o) stitched tunic sweater on repeat during the winter. While I love skinny jeans, sometimes I don’t want my bum to be on full display (especially at work) and a long-line sweater or tunic is just the thing to provide some coverage. It’s also quite practical as the extra length provides more warmth during the winter AND I can fit a long-sleeve layering tee under it even though it is by no means a baggy or loose-fitting sweater.

Tall tunic sweater from Long Tall Sally

Long Tall Sally tunic for tall women

My cobalt blue tunic (also c/o Long Tall Sally) ticks two boxes on this list since it’s also a button-up top. Similar to the sweater tunic, I can easily layer a long-sleeve shirt under this top for extra warmth. I’ve worn the tunic a bunch but two of my favorite memories of wearing it were on trips to Prague and Amsterdam. And I know I’m being Captain Obvious when I say that my favorite way to wear it is belted!

Blue tall tunic

Blue tunic top from Long Tall Sally

On the Prowl for Prints

The last thing I’ll be keeping an eye out for this year is interesting prints. I don’t wear accessories very much and I always feel like a top, dress or skirt with a cool print can stand on its own sans accessories more than a solid top which is probably why I’ve been gravitating toward prints.

In addition to the graphic skirt and plaid shirt shown above, here are a few of my printed items that I find myself wearing again and again:

Palm print tunic from Dutch tall shop Pretty Tall

Tall Palm Print Tunic Top

Navy/White Polka Dot Linen Dress and Navy/White Polka Dot Top

J.Crew Linen Dress and Paul Green Sandals

Tall polka dot top with blazer

Long Tall Sally Tunic

Printed tunic for tall women

Mixed print button-up maxi dress 

Long Tall Sally Maxi Dress

A few final thoughts – I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m the type of person who can’t handle having a lot of stuff because it just feels like clutter to me and clutter makes me feel cross. This goes for both my home and my wardrobe. I walk into other people’s houses and really appreciate all of the items they’ve accumulated and how cool it all looks displayed together but also know that it would drive me insane to have that much stuff in my house. Everyone is different and has different tastes so I need to stop comparing my house/decor to other people’s and to just accept the fact that I prefer things to be a bit more minimalistic. Pretty much every piece of furniture I own and most of my decor are well-made items that I truly love and these items usually have some sort of fond memory attached to them. Looking around my house makes me super happy. I want the same to be true for my closet. I want to love what I see when I stand there doing my weird closet staring thing, and I feel like I’m getting there. This is very exciting for me!

Another trick I’ve been using recently is to turn the hangars of items I haven’t worn in ages around in my closet to remind myself to try to create some outfits with these pieces. I’ve already worn two such items in the past week. Woohoo!

Your turn…

What styles or items do you find yourself wearing the most? Do you have any “must-buys” on your list for 2017? Do you have any tricks for wearing neglected items in your closet?

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  • Reply Lauren January 9, 2017 at 10:52 pm

    These are great Beth! You have completely found useful and gorgeous ways of wearing your favorite pieces again and again. I can completely relate to the need for more tunics! I feel like I gravitate away from them, but they’re so practical and a great way to layer in the colder months. We’ll have to keep our eyes open for some new ones!


    • Reply Tall Fashion Adventures January 14, 2017 at 9:16 am

      Hi Lauren – Thanks so much. I highly recommend embracing tunics. I typically look for more fitted ones as I don’t want to feel like they are swallowing me up and hiding my figure. If I see any good prospects, I’ll be sure to let you know.

  • Reply Sara January 10, 2017 at 4:56 pm

    Hi Beth!
    I don’t remember seeing that red printed tunic before but I love it. I love your usual colour pallette but you should know that shade of red really suits you too!.
    Also – great tip with the hangers. Must try that 🙂
    Sara x

    • Reply Tall Fashion Adventures January 14, 2017 at 9:18 am

      Hi Sara – Thanks so much for the compliment! I’ve had this red tunic for a few years but haven’t featured it much on the blog (even though I wear it a ton). I never thought of red as looking particularly good on me but maybe I should explore it more! And yes…the hanger trick is working out well for me so far. 🙂

  • Reply Paula January 11, 2017 at 2:23 am

    What a great overview of some of the beautiful places you’ve been and how lovely you looked while there!

    • Reply Tall Fashion Adventures January 14, 2017 at 9:18 am

      Thanks a bunch!

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