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Tall Travel Style – Vienna

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Tall Travel Style entry but the series is back with my first trip of 2016 – a long weekend trip to Vienna. I honestly didn’t have high expectations for Vienna. I knew I’d probably like it but we’ve seen a lot of big European cities in the last year and many of them have similar characteristics, so I was wondering if it would just be more of the same. I’m happy to say that Vienna far exceeded my expectations – the beautiful architecture around literally every corner, the amazing food, the elegance and old world charm, the palaces, the museums…you get the idea. I definitely fell in love!

Day 1 Activities – Morning Practice at the Spanish Riding School; Visit to the Kunsthistorisches Museum

What I wore: 
Belted puffer jacket – Long Tall Sally
Spot Bow Blouse – c/o Long Tall Sally
Grey Textured Sweater – Long Elegant Legs
Jeans – Tallwater
Boots – Aquatalia

Why I wore it: 

I wore this outfit for a couple of reasons. First, it was quite frigid outside, so I was rifling through my suitcase trying to get creative with my layering.  I put the bow blouse on underneath my grey sweater and looked at myself for awhile in the mirror on the fence about whether I loved the look or not. The peek of polka dot was certainly fun, but I wasn’t so sure about the big floppy bow. Ultimately, I went for it and the layering did keep me warm but I’m just not sure this look is “me”. I asked for opinions about the outfit on Instagram and one follower suggested tying the bow smaller and letting the ends hang down more like tassels. I think I’ll try that next!

We had a leisurely time watching the two hour morning practice of the famous Lippizaner stallions at the Spanish Riding School which is part of the Hofburg Palace pictured behind me. Unfortunately, photos are strictly forbidden during the practice so you’ll just have to settle for this photo of me, my windblown mane and some horse-drawn carriages.

Long Tall Sally Coat VIenna

Next, we meandered over to the Kunsthistoriche Museum. On our way, I bravely took of my coat to get an outfit photo!

Tall Fashion Blog

The museum building was impressive from both the outside and inside!

Tall Travel Style Vienna

The interior was so amazing, I may or may not have gone a little overboard having the husband take photos of me.

Tall Fashion Blog Long Elegant Legs Sweater

See that fun black/white marble floor? I was kind of obsessed with it!

Tall Fashion Blog

Kunsthistorisches Museum Floor

After having a tea break and gandering all of the art, we were ready to be on our way.

Tall Blog

When we walked outside, the moody skies above the museum had been replaced with a beautiful blue sky!

Blog for tall women

Day 2 Activities – Naschmarkt, Schonbrunn, Stephansdom

What I Wore:

Turtleneck tunic sweater – c/o Long Tall Sally
Long-sleeve layering tee – Long Tall Sally
Black Jeans and Boots – J.Crew
Belted puffer jacket – Long Tall Sally

Why I Wore It: I wanted to be comfortable and cozy and this LTS turtleneck sweater certainly fit the bill in those departments. The tunic is roomy enough to allow me to sneak my long-sleeve LTS layering tee underneath providing even more warmth! Since I didn’t think we would encounter any precipitation, I wore my leather boots.

We started our day with a leisurely stroll through the open-air Naschmarkt food market where all manner of food abounded.

Tall travel style Vienna Tall travel style Vienna

As we took the short train ride to Schönbrunn Palace, snow flurries began to fall. I immediately regretted wearing my leather boots but the flurries vanished after about 10 minutes and we were back to blue sky. The interior of the palace was absolutely stunning, and I hope to return to Vienna in the spring or fall so that I can see the Schönbrunn gardens in full swing.

Tall fashion blog

I wasn’t as brave with my outfit photos this day. Couldn’t bear to take my coat off but did unzip it for a few minutes.

Turtleneck for tall women Turtleneck Sweater Tall Women

After leaving the palace, we had a leisurely lunch at The Brickmakers Pub and Kitchen (which has a great weekend brunch menu and ton of craft beers if you’re into that) and took a inside Stephansdom Cathedral.

Tall Fashion Blog

I did change my outfit for dinner at the fantastic Hungarian restaurant Ilona Stüberl with some friends, but alas I have no photos of that look. I wore a gray blazer, my new button-back cream sweater, black jeans and black boots. It’s just so darned hard to take photos when it’s freezing outside!

Day 3  – Visit to Belvedere; Sacher Torte at Demel

What I Wore:

Spot Bow Blouse – c/o Long Tall Sally
Grey Blazer – Loft

Why I Wore It: I wanted to look a bit polished so I decided to wear my grey blazer over my bow blouse. Blazers are one of my favorite pieces to wear in the colder months because they look classy while providing a substantial second (or even third) layer. Assuming you have a coat that’s roomy enough to wear over the blazer, then you’re all set for gallivanting in the cold.

This is the only photo I have of myself in this get-up – sipping my overpriced boozy coffee whilst waiting patiently for my Sacher Torte cake at the famous and elegant Demel Cafe which was has been in business since 1786.

Tall Fashion Blog

Sacher Torte was created in Vienna and is a chocolate cake with a thin layer of apricot jam, coated with chocolate icing. It’s often served with a glob portion of unsweetened whipped cream. I debated between going to Cafe Sacher for my torte (as Sara from Girl in the Pretty Dress did) or to Demel and ultimately decided upon the latter since it was more convenient to our wanderings.

Tall travel style Vienna

If Sacher Torte isn’t your thing, you can sink your teeth into a bunch of different cakes at Demel. Did somebody say sugar overload?!?

Tall travel style Vienna Tall travel style Vienna

Before devouring the cake, we took a brisk walk to the Belvedere to check out artwork from Klimt, Frankl and other artists. I loved the collections at this museum and of course the building itself was very pretty!

Tall Fashion Blog

Day 4 Activities – Walking around town and eating authentic Viennese food

What I Wore:

Belted Puffer Coat – Long Tall Sally
Black Jeans and Boots – J.Crew

Why I Wore It: On our last day in town, we walked around and took in all of the beautiful architecture, popped into some shops and savored some authentic Viennese cuisine before catching our plane. I knew I had to wear my bulkier J.Crew boots as they wouldn’t fit in the luggage. Since tunics are my favorite travel companions for flying, I wore my LTS turtleneck tunic again (don’t judge!), but I never took my coat off for any outfit pics so you’re stuck with just a photo of me in my jacket for day 4.

Tall Fashion Blog

Tall travel style Vienna Tall fashion blog Vienna Tall travel style Vienna

Tall Fashion Blogger

As our final hoorah before heading to the airport, we had a nice lunch at Plachuttas Gasthaus Zur Oper where I enjoyed some delicious Wiener Schnitzel and Kaiserschmarrn (a shredded pancake treat that Karen from Tall Wife recommended).

Best Wiener Schnitzel Vienna

Kaiserschmarrn Vienna

Overall, we had a brilliant time in Vienna and hope to return!

Your turn…

Do you try to get creative with your layering in the winter? What are your winter outfit of layering tips? Do you love trying local specialties when you visit a new place? Have you ever been to Vienna?

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  • Reply Karen January 22, 2016 at 11:44 am


    Looks like a great trip! Before I went to Vienna I was of the opinion too that that was a destination for ‘old people’. I was so wrong! It’s a lovely beautiful city indeed, which you managed to capture quite nicely; great photographs! Like your outfits too, perfect for city trips! 🙂 Happy you liked the kaiserschmarn, look delish on your pic!! We used to have a lot on skiing holidays in Austria but I haven’t been for years! Might need to go back! 🙂 Thanks for the mention. 🙂 xx

    • Reply Tall Fashion Adventures January 23, 2016 at 7:15 pm

      Isn’t it funny how you can have a pre-conceived notion of a place only to be pleasantly surprised after visiting? Yes! Loved the Kaiserschmarn. Glad you told me about it. I was quite stuffed after that lunch. I would love to explore more of Austria too, namely, Halstatt, Innsbruck etc. We’ll see if we make it back there.

  • Reply Paula January 22, 2016 at 3:43 pm

    Wow, I can understand the obsession with the black and white floors! Vienna looks just as beautiful as I would imagine, and I hope you get to go back and see it in the spring. Your traveling outfits are amazing, as always:)


    • Reply Tall Fashion Adventures January 23, 2016 at 7:24 pm

      Aren’t those floors the best? It really is a gorgeous city and has much more to offer than we were able to see in 3.5 days. I would love to go to an opera or ballet performance, see the Lippizaner stallions perform (as opposed to just watching the practice) and, of course, see all of the gardens. Glad you liked my outfits!

  • Reply Sara January 22, 2016 at 4:03 pm

    I feel so nostalgic looking at your photos. I loved Vienna. Although I think next time I’ll go in winter as it was so warm on my trip that I couldn’t bear to spend time indoors – and I clearly missed out on some amazing art and architecture.

    Lovely post!
    Sara x


    • Reply Tall Fashion Adventures January 23, 2016 at 7:27 pm

      I’m glad you were able to re-live your trip a little bit via my write-up. I remember when I read your blog posts from your trip, it made me excited to visit. So it sounds like we can swap seasons…you can go in the winter and see more art and indoor architecture and we’ll go in the spring to see the gardens. 🙂

  • Reply Andrea@WellnessNotes January 23, 2016 at 1:15 am

    Vienna is a great city to visit! It’s been a LONG time since I went, but it’s on my list of cities to visit again!

    I think wearing a blazer as an extra layer is a great strategy! Your grey blazer looks great over your bow blouse! I brought a black blazer to Germany in December and used it as an extra layer and to be more dressed up (even though it wasn’t really cold, but I get cold easily…).

    • Reply Tall Fashion Adventures January 23, 2016 at 7:31 pm

      I hope you get to visit again! I’ve always been hesitant to wear a blazer as a second layer because I always think it won’t fit under my coat. However, I’ve been able to fit blazer+shirt under two different coats this winter, so I guess I have nothing to be worried about. I also agree that a blazer adds a dressy factor to an outfit which I very much like.

  • Reply nicole@ life after heels January 23, 2016 at 6:40 pm

    I have never been to Vienna, though I do believe my paternal grandmother’s family was from there. It looks beautiful. I am all about comfort. During the winter give me a pair of loose pair of jean and a cotton sweater with a white soft t shirt underneath. I am all about texture.

    • Reply Tall Fashion Adventures January 24, 2016 at 9:37 pm

      Thanks for stopping by Nicole and I do hope you get to visit Vienna sometime. I love your comfortable outfit ideas with some texture added in. Sounds quite nice!

  • Reply Long Tall Sally Review! Spot Bow Blouse and Stitch Graphic Tunic January 28, 2016 at 4:37 pm

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  • Reply Hand Luggage Only January 31, 2016 at 3:30 pm

    Thanks so much for sharing Beth! Honestly, Vienna looks amazing! We really want to visit so badly!

    Love it!

    Lloyd & Yaya xx

    • Reply Tall Fashion Adventures January 31, 2016 at 8:32 pm

      Thanks for stopping by and glad you liked my write-up! Vienna is a fantastic place. Hope you do get to visit.

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