I’m Back! A Few Favorite Outfits from 2014

It’s been eons since I’ve posted and I figured everyone had probably forgotten about my little blog. Then, a tweet popped up out of the blue a few days ago from a UK blogger – Girl in the Pretty Dress – asking when I was going to post again because she missed my posts.  It made my day and was just the kick in the pants I needed to fire up the ole blog again. (By the way, you should definitely check out the Girl in the Pretty Dress blog.  I perused it for the first time the other day and love her style!)

In answer to where the heck I’ve been – In a nutshell, Mr. L3 went on a ton of business trips last year and I grew weary of taking my own photos with the rickety tripod.  I’ll be the first to admit that that is not a good excuse. Also, we’ve been in the throes of an overseas move to Europe the past few months.  Quite the life change but we’ve been hankering to live in Europe for years and we are over-the-moon excited that his job sent us here.

More importantly, what the heck have I been wearing? Just because I haven’t been posting doesn’t mean I haven’t been shopping!  I combed through some photos from the past several months and found a random smattering that represents a few of my favorite outfits.

Favorite Spring/Summer Outfits

I went out on a limb and bought this bright blue, silky maxi skirt with a mid-thigh slit from (wait for it… wait for it…) Victoria’s Secret!  I know, I know. Kind of random and not a “tall” purchase, BUT I’ve gotten tons of wear out of it AND tons of compliments from random strangers so it seems I made a good decision.  I adore the skirt because it lets me show a bit of my (shy) legs but still has mostly “full coverage”.

Here are a few photos from my visit to the beautiful Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania.

I didn’t know my photo was being taken hence the awkward expression
I paired the skirt with a black belt that I’ve had for eons and never
worn, a white V-neck tee from TJ Maxx and a couple of necklaces

Believe it or not, I was even MORE daring than usual this summer with showing some leg and graduated from maxis to midis! Shocking, I know.  I bought a blue midi skirt from ASOS and styled it the same way I wore the VS maxi above – T-shirt, belt etc. By the way, can I just say that I had NO idea how much I was missing by not having a nice white T-shirt in my closet?

I also bought this simple black summer dress from the Loft tall line and pretty much wore it to death all summer.  The fitted-up-top-flowy-on-the-bottom style makes it insanely comfortable without sacrificing fit AND it has pockets!

Let’s talk about how versatile it is.  In the photo, I’m dressed down for a low key day at the beach, but you can also throw on heels and some snazzy jewelry and you’re ready for a night out.  If I want a little more coverage, I throw a cropped jacket or a sheer, button-up shirt over it (with the shirt unbuttoned but tied at the bottom).  Of course, Loft no longer has this item because it’s now the dead of winter, but I saw similar styles on other websites and black dresses are such a closet staple that I’m sure something like this will come back around for spring/summer 2015.

Hanging out on Chincoteague Island, VA

Fall/Winter Favorite – J.Crew Tall Reid Jeans in Black Wash – 35″ Inseam 

I don’t know why it took me so long to buy a pair of black wash jeans.  It solves the question of “Hmmm…I wonder if I can wear jeans to that restaurant or event?”. When faced with that dilemma, I just throw these jeans on with a dressy top and snazzy shoes and it’s hard to even tell they’re jeans.  The 35″ inseam is perfect for me to wear with flats.  I haven’t tried wearing them with heels yet so stay tuned for that.

These jeans are skinny-ish but not a true skinny jean.  J.Crew describes them as “fitted through the hip and thigh with a slim, straight leg” and “it’s what to wear when you want a break from your skinnies” (or if you’re like me, it’s what you wear when you often feel allergic to skinnies because you have to hop around the dressing room trying to get them on).  The denim is incredibly soft and has just the right amount of stretch so that the jeans retain their shape throughout the day.  My sister tried them on while I was visiting her and promptly ordered a pair for herself.  Seems like they’re a winner.

Since I love these jeans so much, I plan to do a post solely dedicated to them with better photos.  In the meantime, here’s a couple of (very cropped) photos that I already had on hand.

J.Crew’d out. Oops! Tall Downtown Field Jacket and extended calf Dean boots (Similar here) 
Fall in CA=sandal weather

If you’re still reading, I applaud your attention span.  I’m excited to be back in the blogging saddle and to see what tall shopping treasures Europe holds. I’ve already been to a Long Tall Sally store so that’s a good start!  If you have any tips for tall shopping in Europe, please fill me in!!!

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  • Reply Abs January 20, 2015 at 12:35 am

    I think I'm about to invest in a pair of black jeans myself. Glad to see you've gotten a lot of wear from your pair!

  • Reply Tall Fashion Adventures January 20, 2015 at 8:26 am

    Go for it! I guarantee you you'll get tons of wear out of them!

  • Reply Krista Mayne January 21, 2015 at 5:21 pm

    What? You moved to Europe??? That's awesome! You'd better keep blogging as we want to see some of the hot European fashions. (I'm jealous!) Glad you're back!

  • Reply Tall Fashion Adventures January 21, 2015 at 5:45 pm

    Yeah. Livin the dream I guess you'd say. 🙂 I'll do my best to seek out those hot fashions!

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