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Elle Mayers Everyday Workout Jacket

I bought the Elle Mayers Everyday jacket in early December and wore it on several flights, errand runs, and a sunrise whale watch cruise in Maui before I ever wore it to workout.  I guess that’s why it’s aptly named the “everyday” jacket….great for anything that comes your way any given day.  

tall activewear

Sunrise whale watch cruise in my EM Everyday jacket

I FINALLY started my workouts and am giving myself a little pat on the back for meeting my goal of going to class twice per week for the past two weeks.  Twice a week may sound lame but I realized that I need to get consistent with two classes first before I move on to 3 classes per week. Otherwise, I’ll get discouraged and down on myself and stuff my face full of chocolate….kind of defeats the purpose of working out, huh?  Thus, I have declared January to be the month of twice a weeks and then February will be the month of thrice a weeks. 
Since it’s been such a cold winter, the jacket is the perfect layer to wear over my workout tops and under my down coat for my mad dash to the car.  In other words, it’s the layer between my Sweaty Betty self and my down coat, so the EM jacket gets all the stink instead of my coat.  TMI? Sorry! I’ll move on to the details of the jacket. 
Tall Activewear Elle Mayers
Tall Workout Jacket
As you can see, one of the main draws for us tall ladies is that the sleeves on this jacket are LONNNGGGG.  If I pull them out to their full length, they stretch almost to my knuckles. I ordered a small and I find the jacket to be fitted and slimming. I would be curious to see how a medium fits because I feel like the sleeves might be a smidge too tight on my arms. The contrasting seams just below the bust, on the sides and on the sleeves help create a flattering fit and the deep pockets are nice for keeping you hands toasty or holding your cell phone, keys etc.
To sum it up, this jacket is breathable, made of a fast drying, wicking fabric, super cute whether you’re wearing it to the gym or just out and about and, like all of the items in the EM line, made in the USA.
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