Project Remix – Ann Taylor Leopard Camp Shirt 5 Ways!

As some of you may know, I regularly pretend like I’m shopping in-store in the comfort of my own home by ordering several items in various tall sizes from retailers, trying them on at home and then returning them to the store if they don’t work.  I’m pretty sure the sales folks at Banana Republic, Ann Taylor and Loft want to duck-and-cover under the counter when they see me saunter in with my online returns. I ALWAYS make a point of telling them that I have NO CHOICE but to deploy this strategy since the tall sizes are not offered in-store.

Another part of my strategy is ordering enough stuff to qualify for free shipping.  Even though I really only wanted the top in the middle, Ann Taylor was having such a great sale recently that I ended up ordering all 3 tops in small and medium to reach the $175 minimum needed for free shipping.

The other two tops were nice but they did not fit the requirements of Project Remix, namely, can I belt it, tuck it, tie it, layer it???  I love love love the print of the navy/orange printed top but it had a banded elastic bottom so it did not look good tucked nor did it look good belted. I would probably die of heatstroke if I tried to layer it, and there’s definitely no option to tie it.  Pre-Project Remix me would have kept this top…which is why I’m thankful for Audrey’s remixable wardrobe advice on the Putting Me Together site because I promptly put this top in the return pile knowing that it would be a stand-alone style that would not mix well with the rest of my wardrobe.  The teal tunic may have been more remix-y, but Mr. L3and I weren’t too keen on the tassels so that went in the reject pile as well.

Now to the top that I DID keep.  I realized I’ve been having so much fun with the color orange in my Project Remix that I’ve been neglecting teal.  Poor teal! When this teal, leopard print camp shirt went on sale for $30, I pounced on it.

I can wear this top a plethora of ways – belted, tucked, tied, sleeves rolled up, sleeves full length, layered (once it gets cooler) and it can also be dressed up for work or dinner or dressed down for casual events.  These photos are a little more on the casual side because I paired the top with my new navy linen cropped weekender chinos from Loft in size 8Tall. (Shout out to my sis-in-law for alerting me to these pants).

BELTED (With my favorite Banana Republic belt)

TUCKED (With a long necklace, belt and wedges to spruce things up a bit)

TIED (This is the first time I’ve tried tying a top. It’s probably my least favorite of the 3 options for this top but at least I know I can do it if I get bored with belted and tucked).

FULL LENGTH (This is what the pants and top look like full length. Look how long the sleeves are!)

Which look is you favorite?  Do you have a top that you can wear a bajillion different ways? Also, if you’re curious about how this whole remixing thing works, head over to Audrey’s Putting Me Together blog. So much great info!

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  • Reply auntp June 25, 2013 at 12:14 am

    What a versatile top with so many great ways to wear it – hard to choose my favorite!

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