Shopping Custom Challenge – Quincy Apparel (and a Dress Shopping Rant)

October’s buy for the Shopping Custom Challenge was the Elliott Blazer and Elliott Sheath dress from Quincy Apparel. I need a new suit for work and figured these would work well together and as separate pieces. They were both LOVELY but didn’t fit so back they went via Quincy’s (very convenient) free return shipping.

Quincy’s sizing is a bit unique in that you take a “fit quiz”and the system tells you that you’re a 36A/B or 38C/D etc. for tops/dresses and 30 Tall (in my case) for bottoms. The 36A/B Tall Elliott Sheath was too loose up top but super tight on my thunder thighs and apple rump (again…just saying this for comedic effect….I promise I really do love my body!) As you all know from reading about my dress shopping woes, this sizing catastrophe happens all too often since I wear a size 4/6/Small on top and a size 10/31/Large on the bottom.  I emailed the Quincy experts and asked if any of the other dresses fit differently and it turns out that there is only one size differential between the top and bottom (which makes sense for a sheath) BUT…SPOILER ALERT…Quincy will be adding an A-Line silk dress this spring!!!

Anyways, as long as your bottom half isn’t 2-3 sizes larger than your top half like me, then give Quincy’s dresses a try!  Or, try some of their blouses or skirts. They will even let you order a second size of any item FOR FREE just so you can get the best fit. Of course, you have to return whichever size you don’t want, but I love that they are trying to make online shopping as painless as possible.

I want to try some of Quincy’s shirts, skirts and pants and, since Mr. L3 and I are going to New York in the near future, I’m hoping to be able to stop by the Quincy showroom and try things on to my heart’s content.

Speaking of the NYC trip, that brings me the inevitable dress shopping woes portion of this post. I NEED A FANCY DRESS OR TWO FOR THE NICE DINNERS WE’RE PLANNING ON OUR TRIP. Yes. I am freaking out a smidge because dresses are SO stinkin hard for me to find.  I tried on several at Nordstrom today (most of which had a length that was halfway up my buns).  I’m thinking I might start exploring fancy skirt and blouse options.  That way, I can avoid high blood pressure from my dress shopping fits and can focus on more precise sizing for my top and bottom halves.  Where the heck do you buy your fancy dresses?

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  • Reply Kathy | Elevated Style October 28, 2012 at 7:27 pm

    "thunder thighs and apple rump" — you've described my figure perfectly! I have the same problem with sheath dresses and I have yet to find one that I'm in love with. Maybe it's just not meant to be? Let me know if you ever find anything that works and I'll do the same! Seems like we have similar body types.

  • Reply Tall Fashion Adventures October 28, 2012 at 7:36 pm

    Sounds like a plan! I am indeed wondering if having a sheath or two in my dress arsenal is just not meant to be. I am curious about maybe having a made-to-order company (like Capiche) or a seamstress try to make one based on my measurements.

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