Shopping Custom Challenge – eShakti – Mixed Luck

Shopping Custom  Challenge – Part 3

My dress, top and skirt from eShakti arrived a bit ago and I really should have had Mr. L3 take video of me trying to get the dress and top on. No matter which way I squirmed and contorted, I absolutely could NOT get the dress on for the life of me. It would have helped if the dress had a zipper that went all the way to the top instead of just a partial side zipper. O well. It’s all part of the adventure.

Moving on to the ruffly top, the fabric has no give so I also had to fight with it to get it on the first time, but the second time went much smoother.  However, when I arrived at the gym and needed to change I had a moment of panic when I was all tangled up in the top practically suffocating myself. I thought I was going to have to yell for help, but somehow managed to squirm out of it after a few minutes. Phew! I took advantage of the free customization and changed the top from sleeveless to cap sleeves and selected the “below the hips” length. I thought I might be able to wear it with trousers to work but it does indeed hit well below the hip, so methinks it’ll look better with leggings or slimmer pants.  It also comes with a full length undershirt (but it’s so long that it peaks out sometimes as you can see in the below photo on the right). I do love the ruffles  and print and got several compliments on it from my coworkers.


Now for the skirt. I was pretty excited about the scalloped/layers details when I ordered it and thought it would be a fun take on a basic black skirt, but it ended up looking positively frumptastic on me. Mr. L3 sounded relieved when I told him I wasn’t planning to keep it. For these photos, I tried to sass the skirt up a bit with a BCBG striped tank, purple Cole Haan belt and heels.  (Not even sure if this look goes but I figured I’d try some experimenting). Alas, the skirt was loose in the waist and pretty baggy everywhere else so it did absolutely nothing for my figure.

O well – at least a recent skirt purchase from Ann Taylor kept me from getting bummed about the eShakti skirt.  (Head on over to my favorite tall blog All the Tall Things for more details on this skirt).

Overall, my experience with eShakti was just OK, and I’m not sure that I’d order again. It could very well be that I entered my measurements wrong and that’s why I had difficulties with these items.  I would be curious to just order these 3 items in the standard sizes to see what the difference in fit would be.

Have you tried eShakti? Have you had any luck?

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