RIP Indi Custom Denim

When I started writing this first installment for my Shopping Custom Challenge, I was confuzzled when I was unable to access the Indi Custom Denim website. After doing some super slueth Google searching, I realized that Indi had (gasp!) gone out of business! I’m in a state of mourning since I LOVE my custom trouser jeans, get tons of compliments on them and was planning to order other styles. Alicia Jay from Tall Swag, Krista from Tall Clothing Mall and I all had a moment of mourning together on Twitter when I broke the bad news.
Although Indi is now no more, I still wanted to do a little review since I love my jeans so much and I feel like they illustrate the gloriousness of custom clothing.

As far as the ordering process was concerned, you entered some measurements, answered a bunch of questions about how pants generally fit you and provided details about your body shape including things like picking your “seat shape” from 4 different derriere illustrations – flat, average, prominent, wide/full. (I’m not sure why, but I found these illustrations really amusing)!

The first pair of jeans that arrived were all kinds of wrong – the rise was so high, I felt like I almost could have pulled them up to my chin and the fit in the butt and thighs was loose and baggy.  Clearly, I had entered my measurements wrong. The beauty of Indi was that they let you send the jeans back and would send you a whole new pair based on your revised measurements. Thankfully,  the second pair was a hit.

Yep! I’m holding my Isabella Fiore purse the wrong way. I’m such a good poser! (NOT)!


I was even able to pick the pockets I wanted!


Side view showing my special pockets.
I ordered them just long enough to be able to wear heels but am still be able to wear them with flats too
Realizing that Indi went under just motivates me even more to keep trucking with my Shopping Custom Challenge because I NEED these custom clothing lines to stay in business!
Next up, my take on the eShakti items I ordered. Unfortunately, I’m not super thrilled with them, but that story is for another post.


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  • Reply jheri August 26, 2012 at 7:51 pm

    Oh no! They made jeans that actually fit me. I've tried a few other custom places and none did a good job. I was getting ready to but my third pair:(

    I tried eShakti and know someone else who did – pretty poor results:(

  • Reply Tall Fashion Adventures August 26, 2012 at 8:06 pm

    I think you were the one who told me about Indi Jheri! Isn't it a bummer? Yeah – I think I'm done with eShakti. Going to try the smaller, U.S.-based custom lines next. Fingers crossed.

  • Reply Pamela January 7, 2019 at 12:40 pm

    So any updates into custom denim lands? I just read about ThirdLove, a custom BRA company that’s doing well according to Forbes.

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