America’s Bday Present – 3 Pairs of Shoes for Me (And 1 For Mr. L3)

On July 4th, it was well over 100 degrees. For a Sweaty Betty like me, doing something outside was out of the question, so Mr. L3 and I decided to show our patriotic spirit by heading to the mall and supporting the economy. As soon as we felt the heavenly cold blast of the AC when walking into Nordstrom, I knew we’d made the right choice!
I was on a mission to find more sandals to wear to work since I can’t stand to stuff my feet into flats or pumps when it’s so dadblamed hot out.  I wandered around the shoe department until a very nice salesman named Sylvester (who was rocking a bowtie, checkered sport coat and green pants…loved his style!) asked if he could help.
Before I go any further, let me share my shoe in-person shopping strategy with you. Just like many tall ladies will preach the benefits of having a good tailor, I am a huge advocate of finding a shoe salesperson that you like and always going back to that person. I’ve had bad experiences in the past where I could tell a salesperson wanted to run the other way and hide behind a rack of shoes upon spying a 6’2 chick wandering through the shoe department because I suppose they do have to hunt a little harder for larger sized shoes. One time years ago, I could tell that the salesperson wasn’t thrilled about helping me and hadn’t looked hard enough, complained to the manager, she set me up with a different salesperson who DID take the time to hunt and I ended up buying 3 pairs of shoes AND returning to that same person several times. So the poophead who didn’t want to take the time to help me missed out! Maybe I should have pulled a Julia Roberts a la Pretty Woman on him and said “Do you remember me? I was in here yesterday and you wouldn’t wait on me. You work on commission right?” held up my bag of purchases and said “Big mistake. HUGE”.
OK. I’ll stop the drama queen nonsense.  Back to the shopping trip…
Whenever I’m shoe shopping at Nordstrom, it usually goes a little something like this:
  • I sit down and try to wait patiently (for about 10 seconds).
  • I then start fretting and craning my neck to see if the salesperson has come out of the stock room.
  • When it seems like the salesperson is taking too long (even though he’s probably only
    been gone for a grand total of 3 minutes), I start making bets with myself about whether the “delay” is because he’s pulling boxes and boxes and more glorious boxes of shoes for me or whether he’s wandering around back there in the depths of the stock room unable to find any size 11’s.
Fortunately, Sylvester delivered! The first time he came out, he had 5 or so boxes with him and it took a lot of self restraint to keep myself from standing on my chair – squealing and clapping like a schoolgirl. (Shoe shopping has always been a bit of an emotional roller coaster event with me seeing as how I’ve been wearing woman’s sizes since I was a kid AND have been dealing with cranky shoe salespeople for just as long). Much to my delight (and probably much to bored-to-tears Mr. L3’s chagrin), good ole Sylvester just kept on bringing out boxes and boxes of shoes. 30 pairs of shoes and over an hour later, I ended up buying 3 pairs.
MICHAEL Michael Kors “Carina” Sandal – Goes up to size 12! I’m more into wedges or thicker heels these days, but these are comfortable and look good on, so into the “yes” pile they went.
Nine West “Freesia” sandal for 50% off! These run big so a size 10 miraculously fit and is comfortable. Go figure.
Nine West Sandals
Sam Edelman “Gigi” sandal in Black Glitter – These sandals come in a MYRIAD of colors and go up to size 12. They’re a great basic and I’ve already worn them several times in the past couple of weeks.
Needless to say, Sylvester will be my go-to from now on when I shop for shoes at Nordstrom. If you have a Nordstrom nearby and have never shopped for shoes there, I highly recommend it.  They pride themselves on their customer service, carry a fair amount of larger size shoes in the store and even hold “large shoe events” from time to time. They also have an “extended sizes” section on their website for shoes between size 10.5 to 14!
P.S. On my next shoe shopping spree, I am going to focus on adding a little color to my shoe collection since I now feel like I’m pretty well set on neutral and black shoes.
P.P.S. Since Mr. L3 was such a good sport about the whole thing, we bought him a pair of Sperry Top Siders boat shoes. I could get used to spending July 4th this way!
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  • Reply auntp July 18, 2012 at 7:57 pm

    So happy you found some shoes that make you happy!

  • Reply auntp July 18, 2012 at 7:58 pm

    So glad you found shoes that make you happy!

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