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As you I mentioned previously, I’ve gone up a pant size since I got married in December.  I honestly don’t care that much about gaining a little weight.  I still love my body BUT for my general well-being and more importantly, for the sake of my poor, aching back, I’ve started interval workouts three times per week.  I can’t even tell you how motivated and energized I feel now that I’m working out again.
What the heck does any of this have to do with the tall world? Well, OF COURSE, I had to buy some tall activewear.  I don’t want to be looking like a fool with high water pants and (unintentional) midriff baring tops while I’m working out now do I?
I’ve been in the market for some not-so-skin-tight workout pants since…well…not sure if I should be this open on here but I’ve already started so here goes…since I realized that when I do squats and lunges in some of my current stretchy workout pants, the material stretches so thin on my ample hindquarters that you can see my underoos through the pants and perhaps even a little bit of my bummy (as my 4 year old half English niece would call it).   Now that I’ve totally overshared, let’s move on to some of the pants I’ve bought and some that I want to buy!
I already reviewed the Victoria’s Secret tall yoga pants that I bought awhile back. I’m still wearing them because I’m short on workout pants, but I definitely have the aforementioned “sheer rear” problem when I do any exercises involving lunge-like or squat-like moves.
So, I bought the Walkabout pants from Lucy Activewear. They are currently on sale for  $24.99! These pants are insanely comfortable and fit really well. They ARE stretchy, but they’re 96%nylon/4%spandex as opposed to cotton/spandex. Because they’re 4% spandex and have the magical lucy flex™ fabric, they definitely have some give, but I don’t have the “sheer rear” problemo. Come to think of it, they are so comfy and versatile, I may buy another pair just to wear around the house. I was concerned that the 34.5″ inseam might not be long enough for me, but the length is fine (maybe because they are a bit of a relaxed fit.  Also, even though I’m 6’2, I’m not all legs, so my inseam when I wear flats is around 35″. I feel lucky that I can get away with “shorter” tall pants sometimes.)
My next trick is going to be to buy some tall workout pants from lululemon because several tall people (and my shorter pilates instructor friend who is walking on the wall next to me in my blog profile pic) have raved about them.  I’ve been holding off on buying these since they’re a little pricey, but I’m thinking I might splurge with my Christmas money. When I pinned lululemon’s Still Pants to my Pinterest tall wish list board, a couple of ladies commented on how comfy they are and mentioned that they are definitely worth the investment. Another thing I’m excited about is that, according to Alison over at Redwood Clothing, lululemon carries tall sizes IN THE STORE. I can’t wait to NOT shell out money for shipping and actually try some tall pants on in person for once.
 Of course, no tall activewear post on this blog would be complete without me mentioning my current favorite tall activewear line for workout tops – Elle Mayers. As you know, I love my black EM tank to bits. I wore it to my first workout session last week and was thrilled about not having to constantly pull it down or readjust it. So, last week, when the EM tall tanks went on sale for $25, I promptly bought the same Serendipity style tank but in the berry color.  I wore it tonight and it was fabulous.   It was nice to have a little color in my workout wardrobe on this dreary, rainy day.  And – just when you thought you were going to get through a whole post without a self-portrait of me – here you go.  Me (a little sweaty) after giving my new Elle Mayers tank a workout.


Have I missed any tall activewear lines? Please let me know.  I’m desperate for more pants.

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  • Reply gg77 December 28, 2011 at 6:26 pm

    I absolutely love athleta's kickbooty pant (and many of their pants come in tall!) I have the cold weather version and am about to get some more.

  • Reply Tall Fashion Adventures December 29, 2011 at 2:59 am

    Thank you so much! I just checked them out and they look fantastic. I'm going to add them to my Pinterest wish list and I think it's GENIUS that Athleta makes a cold weather version. I've been a bit cold when I leave my workouts and walk to my car now that it's winter.

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