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Remember my post with the (alternate) title of Why I Need a Job ASAP – I’ve Pinned Way Too Many Tall Items to My Pinterest and I Want To Buy All of Them STAT But My Husband Might Not Be Too Happy With Me If I Do That?   Well guess what – I started a new job last week anndddd promptly bought 5 tall pieces of clothing!
With the new job, you’d think I’d be wanting to buy stuff for work BUT I’ve been obsessed with PJs lately.  I went to an outlet mall with my friend a couple of weekends ago (and if I might toot my own horn and digress for a moment, I’m pleased to report that I did NOT buy any clothes and thus did not break my shopping tall challenge). Anyways, at the outlet mall, one of the items I was enamored with (but didn’t buy) was a plush, long robe.  PJs? Robes?  What’s wrong with me?  I took a moment to psychoanalyze myself (as I’m often prone to do) and realized I was probably subconsciously mourning the end to my wonderful 10 months of unemployed housewifedom and was thus feeling attracted to loungey clothes (as opposed to work clothes) in an attempt to hang on to a piece of those 10 months. The good news is I love my new job and now I have new PJs that I love too!! (Click “read more” to read on).

Pretty pretty packaging


Lacey sends this pretty postcard with a
personal note when she ships your PJs!
First up, Tall Girl Craft’s custom PJs that I featured in my latest installment of Stuff I’ve Learned from  Twitter.  The day that Lacey posted her tall PJ for sale on Etsy, I bought a pair and (drum roll please) I was TGC’s first customer!  Lacey was wonderful in helping me figure out the sizing and was even willing to add a little extra room to accommodate my thunder thighs. Customization is definitely one of the perks of hand sewn items! Now that I’ve tried them on, I probably could have gotten away with the mediums as is, but a little extra room in one’s PJs never hurts.  The PJs arrive all wrapped up in this beautiful packaging so it’s like opening a present which appeals to the big kid in me. The legs of the PJs are very wide leg/palazo-ey/flowy which I like, but the seat and front of the PJs are more fitted so they don’t look baggy or ill-fitting.  $28 smackers will buy you a pair of these PJs in a variety of patterns and in the following inseams: 34″, 35″, 36″, 37″, 38″.
My Tall Girl Craft’s PJs!
Next up, this lovely pair from Long Elegant Legs.  Sorry folks – no self portrait here. You’ll just have to make do with the photo from the LEL website. My favorite color is blue, I love blue and brown together and I absolutely ADORE bows so when these went on sale, I snatched em up.  I didn’t realize they came in a 38″ inseam until they arrived!  BUT it’s an extremely rare occurrence that I find bottoms that are TOO long and since I won’t be wearing them out in public, I’m thrilled to bits that they’re so long.  I bought the medium and am wondering if I could have gotten away with a small.  They do seem to be very generously sized so you may want to consider ordering a size down if you’re between sizes or if you prefer your PJs a bit more snug. 
Next on my loungey list is a tall robe!  Stay tuned for more reviews from my tall purchases.
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  • Reply AllisonB November 9, 2011 at 3:47 am

    I absolutely love the packaging from Tall Girl Crafts!

  • Reply Tall Fashion Adventures November 9, 2011 at 3:49 am

    Isn't it wonderful? It makes me want to order another pair!!

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