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A couple of weeks ago, one of my readers left a comment on my Musings on Tall Shopping post lamenting about the difficulties she experienced finding maternity clothing to fit her long frame.  Last week, I received a flyer in the mail advertising a “baby spa” at a local hospital.
I think the universe is trying to tell me something…
NO NO NO…not that I need to have a baby. Nice try. That won’t be happening for a few years (sorry mom).  Rather, the universe is trying to tell me that I should do a post on tall maternity clothes!!!  Thanks to my recent love affair with Twitter, I have become aware of a couple of tall maternity lines. Check em out!
Mommy Long Legs offers maternity pants and jeans in inseams up to 38″, and it looks like it’s planning to add more items soon.  In addition to offering its pants online, it has also linked up with distributors in Canada and Australia. The owner of the company created this line during her first pregnancy because she “struggled to find appropriate and stylish tall maternity clothes that fit [her] 6’2 frame”.  I LOVE it when tall people see something that’s lacking in the tall-o-sphere and are proactive about it, so snaps to Mommy Long Legs for being a part of the solution!
Next up is MaternaTall which is based in the UK.  5’10 Katie Stagg also decided to be proactive in being part of the solution and created this line after realizing that tall woman were clamoring for fashionable maternity clothes.  This LBD appears to be particularly nifty with its “discreet nursing access.” (If you’re intrigued as to how that works, check out the pics of the dress).  MaternaTall also has a variety of preggy pants up to 36″ inseam.
Of course, Long Tall Sally has a few pairs of tall maternity pants and jeans.  But my current favorite maternity line is by J.Crew.  It has a bunch of tall maternity options. Check it out here.
I’m already a fairly emotional rollercoasterish person so I can only imagine the hormonal fits I’m going to throw over not being able to find long enough maternity pants or tops if/when I am with child. (Someone may want to warn my husband about this).  BUT I’m comforted to know that there are tall maternity lines popping up here and there.  Maybe there will be even more options when I’m ready to have kids in 20 years…errr…I mean 3 years.
All of this got me thinking…what was it like when my two favorite tall ladies (my mom and my big sister – both 5’11) were pregs.  Last week, I did a little informal interview with each of them and I’ll share their experiences tomorrow. My mom even gave me a little history lesson. Get excited!
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