35″-36″ inseam pants at Victoria’s Secret!

I recently found these yoga pants in a Victoria’s Secret “Pink” store and was tickled pink (pardon my lame play on words) to discover that 1) they actually carried the long (35″ inseam) size in the store, and 2) the pants fit great, were comfy and affordable ($29.95).  I wasn’t too crazy about all the psychedelic colors, so I just opted for the plain black and white design.
VS used to have a fair amount of long dress pants and long jeans on its site.  Unfortunately, some of the tall sizes only came in 34″ inseam but others came in 36″.  It looks like they no longer carry dress pants or jeans but I’m going to keep an eye out to see if they bring them back.While we’re talking about VS, check out this beautiful maxi skirt (with a generous mid-thigh slit) that I bought.  Click here for more info.


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