It’s a short world after all

I went to the chiro this morning to get x-rays for my achin back and, at one point, he seemed to be having difficulty finding the right adjustments for me on the x-ray machine. Then he gave up and said “Can you kinda bend your knees? I bet you’ve never heard this before but you’re pretty tall.” What a shocking revelation! My thighs started to shake a little as I struggled to maintain my semi-squat position for the several seconds it took him to work his magic in the x-ray booth (shaky quads….maybe a sign I need to work out more) and it made me think of how this world just aint made for us tall folk. For instance, I had to request to have my desk jerry-rigged at work so that it is the proper height; my back gets cranky when I wash dishes for any length of time because the sink is too low (very convenient excuse for getting out of dish washing so I probably shouldn’t complain about that one); countertops are often too low; bathtubs are always too small and I’m forced to make the unpleasant decision of whether I want my tatas in the water and my knees out or vice versa; the footy nylons at Nordstrom are never quite big enough for my gargantuan feet; I often knock my noggin on things. The list goes on and on. BUT I still love being tall. I just hope someday I’m rich enough to design a house tailored to my lurch-like qualities so I can wash dishes without back pain and stretch out in the tub.

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  • Reply Feminist Gold Digger July 24, 2010 at 6:21 am

    Stop talking about my boyfriend.

  • Reply Anonymous November 23, 2010 at 10:53 pm

    I hear ya on the bath tub one. I love taking baths but havent been able to fit in a bath tub since i was 6 or 7. If i could only have one thing in my domicile to accomodate my tallness it would be a bath tub where i wouldnt have to choose which body part hangs out.

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