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I’ve been vertically gifted from the moment I burst on the scene – off the height charts as a baby, 6’0 by the time I hit 7th grade and a whopping 6’2 at the age of 14. It was bound to happen. My dad is 6’5 and my mom is 5’11. I’m not bashful about wearing heels either which puts me at about 6’5. Needless to say, folks just aren’t used to seeing a 6’5 girl trottin around (except maybe in Holland,) so I get some pretty entertaining comments and googlyeyed looks. My fav is when strangers are talking about my tallness within earshot…I’M VERTICALLY GIFTED…NOT DEAF.

I figured it’s high time I broadcast my adventures of tallness to the world.  I strictly adhere to the believe that tall is beautiful danger.  As I always like to say…more to love.

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  • Reply Feminist Gold Digger May 7, 2010 at 7:42 pm

    I figured it out! The Comments link is on here, but it's in a color you can't see! Wheee!

  • Reply Happy 5th Birthday to My Tall Blog August 8, 2015 at 11:50 am

    […] other day, I was looking for an older blog post and happened to go allllll the way back to my very first post.  Then I noticed the date of my first post and was like WHAT THE WHAT?!?! My tall blog is turning […]

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